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Travel Blogs: A Restaurant with Pirate History and More Links

In today's Link Love, bar cart revivals, plus David Lebovitz visits Tel Aviv

Bacon-wrapped scallops and more eating ideas around the world.

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• A review of a pirate-influenced restaurant in Boston (inspired by a tiny Boston island which disappears and reappears with the tide). [travel eat love]

• Apparently, bar carts are back in style, popping up all around the nation and even in Sydney. [Fodors]

• Yes, we would love a weekend getaway to Finland. Oh wait, we don't live in Paris. [Lost in Cheeseland]

• Sarah Hepola on why every woman should travel alone, and taking expeditions to the local 7-Eleven. [Salon]

• David Lebovitz makes some challah bread in Tel Aviv. [David Lebovitz]

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