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French potato garnish

Boil the peeled potatoes and two well-washed eggs. Grate 150 g of cheese, over which we put the two raw eggs and sour cream, add salt and pepper and mix. We take a bowl in which we put baking paper and place as a base a layer of boiled potatoes cut into rounds, enough to fill the bottom of the dish, then cut the rounds the two boiled eggs, sprinkle with a pinch of salt, add the bacon and then pour half of the mixture of cheese, eggs and sour cream.

Cover with the rest of the potatoes, spread the rest of the composition, sprinkle a little pepper and salt and grate 100 g of cheese. Put the dish in the oven for 40 minutes (the oven was not preheated). Serve both hot and cold. Who wants to add more cream.

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