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New Year’s Eve finger food ideas

New Year’s Eve finger food ideas

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Staying in is the new going out! If you’ve offered to do the hosting this year, the easiest way of organising the food table is to ask your guests to each bring along a dish, pot-luck style. So here are my amazing New Year's Eve party ideas.

You’ll want to set a general theme, like world food dishes, and give people some idea in advance of what’s needed – don’t forget to request vegetarian options, and sweet as well as savoury dishes.

Food that you can make ahead is the simple key to a good party. You don’t want to be stuck in the kitchen whilst your guests are busy partying without you!

Grab yourself a big board or a clean plank and get started on this Bloody Mary seafood platter – lettuce cups, charred bread and avocado, prawns, shrimp and smoked salmon with a spiced up Bloody Mary-inspired dressing. All this needs is a crusty baguette or a freshly baked ciabatta loaf to mop up the sauce. I’ve already made this recipe once this season, for family who arrived from America and they loved it – so it’s firmly on the menu for New Year’s Eve.

Another great centrepiece is a classic crudité platter filled with crunchy vegetables and a homemade dipping sauce. Or try this Winter crunch salad with a mind-blowing sauce, filled with seasonal vegetables, such as carrots, beetroot and fennel. You could serve it alongside retro-style pineapple and cheese cubes on cocktail sticks, but using local, speciality British-made cheeses, such as a strong Cheddar, double Gloucester, or even a cheese combined with chilli peppers for an extra flavour kick. Jamie has lots of amazing finger food ideas in his New Year piece here, and his vegan seasonal spring rolls are an absolute showstopper.

I love to roast up a big pork shoulder, very slowly, so that it’s meltingly soft and can be piled up into rolls to make sandwiches. This New Year I’ve found a new recipe to try – a leaner pork loin roast to make Posh roast pork party kebabs. A 2kg loin of pork will only take an hour and twenty minutes to cook, whereas a slow-roasted shoulder takes around 3-4 hours. Serve with plenty of salad on the side and a stack of lightly warmed pitta breads.

You’ll definitely want to wow your guests with a decadent dessert. A tiramisu is a great Italian classic that you can make in a huge bowl. Or stick with a classic British retro trifle layered up with sponge fingers, fruit, jelly and custard. Give everyone a large spoon and get them to dig in.

And to set the tone and create a fun welcome, practice your cocktail-making skills with a pimped-up Prosecco and crank up the volume on the music as the guests arrive!

Wishing you all a healthy and happy New Year!

Rice paper rolls are, like, the super insanely healthy version of your average sushi. Like many traditional Vietnamese dishes, these are light and filled with bright, fun flavors to keep you feeling super zen—a great way to start the New Year, really. With an addictive peanut dip, these will def be a hit.

Brianna Sutherland

To continue making sticking to your NYE resolution of being healthy just a bit easier, we have these baked 'n breaded zucchini sticks for you to pop in the oven. Seriously, you won't even miss fries, and you'll feel better about that cupcake you'll be making out with, because who needs a NYE kiss anyway?

This party snack platter is easier than it looks, I promise.

I know this board of New Year’s Eve Finger Foods looks pretty epic, and it IS pretty epic. But really, this is one item I made, one thing I heated up in the oven, and 98% stuff I bought at the store.

Please don’t feel like you need every single item. This board is for a BIG crowd, but if your gathering is a little smaller, just cut it down to a few of your favorite things.

Break out the champagne or mix up a lemon margarita, and let’s get started.

New Year&rsquos Desserts and Sweet Snacks

    : Using premade shells means making these tiny little fruit-topped cheesecakes is a piece of&hellip well, cake. Everyone will love these sweet, creamy indulgences &ndash and they won&rsquot be able to stop at one!

    : Aren&rsquot these adorable?? Jazz up some regular ol&rsquo vanilla cupcakes with celebratory sprinkles and some customized Oreo halves. (You&rsquoll just have to eat the other half while you make them. Can&rsquot waste them, right?)

    : These mini muffins remind me a lot of the ones you can get in a little bag of five. You can pop a whole one in your mouth, making them irresistible. Better make a double batch!

    : I need to make an important confession: I didn&rsquot know cinnamon chips were a thing before I found this recipe. Now that I know, I&rsquom obsessed!! These are like biting in to a perfect taste of winter and instantly make you feel cozy and happy.

    : Let your kids help you decorate these super-easy cookies! They only take a few minutes to mix together and set up in the fridge. Using cupcake liners helps ensure all the sprinkles stay with the cookie instead of rolling all over the table!

    : Making your own fortune cookies is surprisingly easy! Print out your own unique fortunes to put in the cookies, and decorate them for the New Year any way you like.

    : These beautiful, dreamy little desserts are extremely easy to make &ndash just drop some cranberry sauce and a cube of brie into premade phyllo shells, and bake until melty! Serve them warm for the best experience.

    : My favorite fruit pie is a tie between key lime and lemon meringue. I just LOVE cool citrus flavors! The difficulty of this recipe is up to you. You can use premade tart shells and lemon curd, or you can make it all from scratch.

    : If those mini tartlets aren&rsquot quite enough for you and your loved ones (or if you know everyone would just eat four of them anyway), you might want to try this dessert! Each pastry is a bit bigger and has a flaky, satisfying texture.

    : These couldn&rsquot be easier to decorate and customize. Kids love anything on a stick, and let&rsquos be honest&hellip grown-ups do, too!

    : I&rsquove been on a popcorn binge since about May. I can&rsquot get enough! This particular recipe is a dream come true, because cinnamon is my favorite winter baking spice. Reminds me of Cinnabon, but slightly healthier! Just make sure you have some plain kernels to pop (because I tend to stock movie theatre butter-flavored.. mmm!).

    : Pop these bad boys out of the freezer late in the night for a sweet, boozy treat. If you&rsquore going to have kids in the house, you should probably wait until they fall asleep so they don&rsquot try to grab any!

"This is one of the best coffee cakes I've ever tasted. It was perfectly sweet and moist with a tender crumbly texture."

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Kids will love these waffle cones dipped in chocolate and stuffed with fresh fruit. My Fussy Eater has the recipe plus a video with tips on how to dry the cones without all the mess. These make for a healthy, fun option and to cut down on prep you could even have guests spoon the fruit into the cones themselves.

40 Best New Year's Eve Appetizers to Kick off Your Countdown

Make your last meal of the year a good one with these easy recipes!

The year is coming to a close, which means that it's time to break out your champagne glasses and fancy dinner plates to celebrate! Even though health experts recommend staying safe on December 31 by not throwing a blowout New Year's Eve party, getting through such a crazy year is still worth celebrating &mdash even if it's just over Zoom or a tiny celebration with those you live with. And even a small New Year's Eve party in quarantine needs delicious food!

Before serving up the main course for your last dinner of 2020, whip up a few of these irresistible hors d'oeuvres that are super easy to make. From ooey-gooey cheese dip to mouthwatering flatbreads, these simple bites and spreads will kick off your NYE celebration on a yummy note &mdash and they&rsquoll pair perfectly with a champagne cocktail. Whatever you decide to serve to start 2021 on the right foot, one thing's for sure: These memorable New Year's appetizers will keep you full and satisfied well past midnight.

16 New Year's Eve Appetizers That Will Get the Party Started

If there's one day of the year that's worthy of a party, it's New Year's Eve. From getting dressed up in dazzling outfits to toasting with a glass of Champagne at midnight, there's nothing quite like a celebrating in style. Our appetizer recipes for New Year's Eve are sure to get the party started. From casual party bites like Spicy Chicken Wings with Harissa and Guacamole Without Tomatoes to more elegant appetizers such as Grilled Oysters with Compound Brown Butter and a showstopping Egg-and-Caviar Dip, these appetizers are the perfect bites to enjoy while celebrating the new year to come.

When it comes to entertaining, we're all about make-ahead dishes that can be served at room temperature. That's why we're such a fan of this vegetarian Mushroom-Gruyere Tart. The whole dish can be made in advance and stored in the refrigerator, covered, overnight just bring it to room temperature before serving. Another make-ahead winner is this Mixed-Olive Tapenade, which is a flavorful accompaniment to a cheese and charcuterie board.

If your party is going to err on the side of casual, serve a crowd-pleaser like our Pull-Apart Cheesy Pesto Bread. On a cold winter night, there's nothing better than a comforting slice of rich, warm bread. Just as crowd-friendly and comforting is Classic Cheese Fondue. Who doesn't love getting to mix and match cubes of bread and fresh vegetables, then dipping them in a savory batch of ooey-gooey melted cheese?

Welcome the new year (and wish the old one adieu) with these special New Year's Eve appetizer recipes.

New Year&rsquos Eve Party Ideas

Marlboro Man and I are having a handful of people over to the Lodge for New Year&rsquos Eve because, well, let&rsquos face it: they&rsquore vagrant relatives and we feel really sorry for them. We figure if you can&rsquot welcome vagrant family members into your home on New Year&rsquos Eve, when can you?

But January 1 at noon? They&rsquore OUTTA here, man! I have a hard enough time feeding my two sons. They&rsquoll eat you out of house and home, let me tell you.

All this week I&rsquoll be posting new recipes for New Year&rsquos Eve finger food/little bites. To start off, here are some great ones to try:

(Click on each recipe title for step-by-step instructions and printable recipe formats.)

1. Brie Stuffed Mushrooms. They&rsquore simple and delicious, and can be assembled earlier in the day. (Warning: make three to four times the amount you think you&rsquoll need. I&rsquove received reports of pans disappearing before they even made it to the serving platters.)

2. Stuffed Mushrooms, Baby. These are so ridiculously scrumptious. Again, they can be assembled early in the day. And again, please make way more than you think you&rsquoll need. They&rsquore irresistible!

3. Firecracker Shrimp, Part One and Part Two. Throw a bunch of these onto a huge platter and folks&rsquoll swarm!

4. Goat Cheese with Fresh Dill and Paprika. Served with good crackers, this is completely scrumptious.

5. BBQ Meatballs. Make these a little smaller and serve them in a chafing dish. (Does anyone even have chafing dishes anymore?) They&rsquore so comforting and yummy.

6. The Bar. Shared with me by Ivoryhut the Great, these are delightful, buttery, and festive. Cut them into tiny squares and serve on a pretty silver platter.

7. Chocolate Truffles with Sea Salt. Easy to make and special, the tiny bit of sea salt on top of these babies set them apart from the rest.

New Year’s Eve finger food ideas - Recipes

Whether you’ve been invited to a New Year’s Eve party or are hosting the party in your Arizona home in order to show off that gorgeous new kitchen we just designed for you, appetizers and finger foods are some of the easiest foods to make. If you choose New Year’s Eve party recipes that are just right, the foods will be easy to prepare, easy to transport, require minimal care at the party, and will be tasty at just about any temperature.

What appetizers and finger foods offer all this? Well, the possibilities are endless, but here are only a handful of ideas.

1. Fruit Kabob Skewers

Choose fruits of a variety of deep colors and layer them onto skewers. If you need to drive to the party, it’s easy to place them into a container and head out. If the plan is to barbecue at the party, grilling the fruit kabobs adds another layer of mouthwatering flavor.

2. 7-Layer Dip

Mexican dip is a party favorite for a reason. It’s fun and simple to make, colorful, easy to transport, and can be made ahead of time. Serve it with pita chips, tortilla chips, or buttery crackers. You should avoid leaving it out for more than a couple hours, but otherwise, it won’t require much of your time at all during the party.

3. Five Bean Salad

Full of various colors and textures, five bean salads are as easy to make as they are satisfying to eat. It’s also a healthy addition for your menu, and it’s a perfect vegan option. Because it is oil-based, it can be served and consumed at room temperature or chilled. You can therefore make it ahead of time, set it out, and spend the rest of the time celebrating the start of the new year.

4. New Year Cheese Ball

Festively themed for the famous dropping of the ball at Times Square, a variety of recipes are available for cheese balls, many of which include bacon, cream cheese, herbs, or pecans. Serve the ball with a variety of crackers, chips, and pretzels.

5. Jalapeno Poppers

Jalapeno poppers will add a little kick to your New Year’s Eve party recipes. Most are made with cream cheese, but you can make them your own with other cheeses, olives, or other ingredients.

With great food and good friends, this can be your best New Year’s Eve yet. In addition to this New Year’s Eve appetizers and finger foods blog, see our main course and drink recipe ideas as well. In the meantime, we wish you a festive and safe New Year’s Eve and a fantastic 2019!

45 Best New Year's Eve Appetizers to End the Year on a Delicious Note

There's one reason that your New Year's Eve menu should be filled with mouthwatering delights&mdashit's the last thing you're going to eat in 2020! Why not go out with a bang? These best New Year's Eve appetizers are just what you need to create an indulgent spread of your favorite bites before the year draws to a close. Who wouldn't want a mouthful of homemade pizza rolls when the Times Square ball drops? Yeah, thought so.

Once you've figured out which cocktail recipes the evening calls for, it's time to plan out an array of tasty bites. Will you go for a platter of creative finger foods, including Ree Drummond's fig and blue cheese bruschetta? Or will you take the comfort food route with traditional options like Swedish meatballs and pigs in a blanket? One thing is certain: You can't make a bad choice here. Eating a feast of apps may just become one of your new favorite New Year's traditions&mdashespecially if you enjoy them while watching a New Year's movie! You can even make sure your appetizers complement your New Year's dinner menu too.

Even though your New Year's Eve party plans might be altered this year, you can still make it a night to remember. These easy New Year's Eve appetizers will prove that good food is truly all you need!