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Salmon Festival Du Saumon Returns to Campbellton, New Brunswick

Salmon Festival Du Saumon Returns to Campbellton, New Brunswick

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Canadian salmon feast spawns 6 days of special events

The annual Salmon Festival Du Saumon celebrates salmon.

The annual Salmon Festival Du Saumon, which annually celebrates Restigouche salmon, kicks off Friday in Campbellton, New Brunswick. The Salmon Festival Du Saumon runs June 27 through July 2 and features a parade, pageant, food events, and entertainment — all in honor of the city’s seafood.

The six-day festival includes a variety of family-friendly events, like the Miss Salmon Festival Pageant, Kids Farm Day, and teen movie nights, along with royal-themed events, including a Queen’s Breakfast at Café Chez Wes and the Prince and Princess Tea Party at Riverside Park June 27.

Highlights of the Salmon Festival Du Saumon are Street Fest, an outdoor moveable feast on Ramsay Street and Water Street that includes food vendors and free entertainment, and the $15 Salmon Supper at Campbellton Curling Club July 30.

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