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Grilled Cheese Sandwich Sparks Prison Brawl

Grilled Cheese Sandwich Sparks Prison Brawl

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Another gang was upset that the Crips were hogging the hot plate

A grilled cheese sandwich sparked an hour-long prison brawl this month.

A bloody prison brawl that went on for nearly an hour at Rikers Island earlier this month has been under investigation by prison officials who say the whole thing was actually started over a grilled cheese sandwich.

According to the Daily News, "Members of the Trinitarians, a Dominican gang, were upset their rival Crips were not letting them use a hot plate to cook the snack."

Some of the Trinitarians wanted to use the hot plate to make a grilled cheese sandwich, but when the Crips refused to share it sparked a huge, violent fight between more than 50 people that lasted nearly an hour, with corrections officers unable to do anything to stop the fray.

"They're tossing chairs at each other, they have brooms, they have all kinds of weapons, and we're outnumbered," said Correction Officers Benevolent Association president Norman Seabrook. "We don't have the staff to break it up. The officers certainly can't go in there with just three officers against 60 inmates ... The only thing they could possibly do at this point is watch."

The fight eventually broke up on its own when the combatants got bored with the fracas and called a truce.

Eleven inmates and an officer were injured during the fight. Several people were slashed or stabbed, and one man took a broken broomstick handle to the eye. More than 30 people have been charged with additional crimes due to the fight or put in solitary confinement.

The Best Cheese for Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

There are few more satisfyingly comforting foods than a crunchy, melty, salty grilled cheese sandwich. When it hits all the right notes, it can transform a boring lunch or after-school snack into something special. At its most basic, it consists of three ingredients, so it&rsquos worth making the effort to choose the best cheese for your grilled cheese sandwich that you can. Grab your cast-iron skillet, your favorite bread (consider sneaking in some healthy whole grains while you're at it), and get cooking!

You can go for comfort and a little nostalgia with undemanding American cheese&ndash a little salty, a little sweet. Mix it up with something with a little more bite or funk, say, an extra sharp Cheddar or slightly stinky taleggio. Or wake up your taste buds with cheese spiked with jalapeño or horseradish. Make sure to look for a cheese that will complement your bread (or vice versa). If you have a lovely artisanal sourdough, reach for something that will pair well with its tanginess, like a nutty Gruyère.

P.S: Texture is key. AKA, "Why isn't the cheese melting on my grilled cheese?" It&rsquos so disappointing to take a bite and feel like you might as well be eating a piece of plastic. It could be you&rsquove chosen a cheese that doesn&rsquot melt that well at all. Look for cheeses that are somewhat soft and moist, not hard and crumbly. If you love the flavor of a firm cheese and want to use it anyway, coarsely grate it so that the heat can get to it more easily (see some of our favorite cheese graters here). Melting tip: If your cheese is too cold, it may not melt before the bread is toasted. Room temperature is the way to go, no matter which kind you choose. If you&rsquore the impatient type, covering the pan or griddle will help to speed things along.

Our Top Cheese Choices

Cheddar: Grilled cheese perfection (in my opinion). Pick one that&rsquos medium to sharp for a good melt-to-flavor ratio.

American The OG friend of white bread &mdash mild, salty, a little sweet, with a major melting quotient. Deli slices have a little more heft than the plastic-wrapped versions.

Gruyère There&rsquos a reason the French use this nutty, slightly stinky cheese in their famous croque monsieur &mdash it melts beautifully and has a nice kick without being overpowering.

Fontina Italy&rsquos alpine cheese ranges from mild to funky, so figure out where you stand on the flavor scale and dig in.

Gouda The Dutch cheese with the red wax, it's creamy and nutty and slightly sweet. Younger versions will melt better.

Muenster The varieties sold in the States are typically mild, making this another kid-friendly fave.

Bonus Parmesan! Not for the filling (although mixed with some shredded mozzarella it would be divine), but a little nutty, salty Parm sprinkled on the outside of your sandwich will transform it into a super-crunchy marvel, like this one spiked with jalapeño.

Missed your favorite cheese for grilling? It's entirely possible &mdash there's a world of great cheese out there. Let us know in the comments!

What do the best grilled cheese sandwiches recipes have in common?

Even though many restaurants and chefs have their recipe secrets, the reality is that every home cook could use a little guidance. Luckily. Wisconsin Cheese has a few tips that can turn any sandwich from typical to spectacular.

First, it is important to shred cheese. By shredding cheese, it will melt more evenly. That perfect gooey bite is delicious.

Second, combining difference cheeses can make a luscious grilled cheese sandwich. For example, adding a creamy cheese like a mascarpone can add a decadence to each bite. Basically, by adding different flavors and textures of cheeses, the sandwich will be a whole new tasting experience.

Third, the bread really matters. From the perfect amount of toasting to the flavor combination with the cheese, the bread is as important as the cheese. If the bread doesn&rsquot hold the sandwich together, it might as well be a cheese plate.

Lastly, the best piece of advice for tasty grilled cheese recipes is to let the sandwich take it slow. Don&rsquot rush the cooking. From the right amount of toasting to the melting of the cheese, each and every bite is vital to that delicious bite.

Wisconsin Cheese has a variety of delicious grilled cheese recipes for any home cook. As a popular comfort food, isn&rsquot it time for you to take a bite?

Giada De Laurentiis Elevates the Classic Grilled Cheese Sandwich with One Simple Ingredient

Who doesn’t love experimenting with the classic grilled cheese sandwich? From avocados and arugula to prosciutto and figs and caramelized onions, the grilled cheese toppings are seemingly endless. But there is one ingredient we’ve never &mdash not for one second &mdash considered, and we’re now officially converts, thanks to Giada De Laurentiis.

“Grilled cheese with whole lemon slices might sound crazy, but we assure you… it’s so delicious,” De Laurentiis writes on Giadzy’s Instagram.

Lemon slices? On a grilled cheese? Yep, we initially questioned it, too, but, you guys, it actually makes perfect sense.

For De Laurentiis’ elevated grilled cheese sammie, you’ll take half a lemon and slice it very, very thinly with a sharp knife. Then, you’ll sprinkle the slices with sugar and set it aside. Next, butter each slice of bread (De Laurentiis uses sourdough) and sprinkle a layer of parmesan cheese atop. Now, flip the bread over, butter-down.

What you’ll do next is combine the cheese and slices De Laurentiis’ cheese of choice is mozzarella (fresh, thin sliced mozzarella, to be specific). Top each slice of bread with two slices of cheese, then a few wedges of thinly sliced lemons, then one more piece of mozzarella. Grill ’em, and eat!

“Mmm, heaven!” De Laurentiis says of her genius grilled cheese.

Breakfast Grilled Cheese

Arugula pesto, made with fresh walnuts, parmesan cheese, garlic, olive oil, salt, and fresh baby arugula leaves, is the star of this savory breakfast grilled cheese.

When this tasty pesto is paired with creamy scrambled eggs, some tangy goat cheese, and two slices of crispy buttered whole wheat bread—the flavors combine to create one explosively flavorful sandwich.

The Breville Perfect Press

I have to say that I was a little skeptical about a kitchen appliance that was specifically for making griddled sandwiches. After the Breville Perfect Press, I’m totally convinced that it is worth having. It’s quicker, it melts the cheese faster and more evenly since it cooks from the top and bottom at the same time.

Benefits of the Breville Perfect Press

  • It’s great when you have kids – I don’t know about your hungry kids, but mine isn’t in the waiting mood when it’s time for a sandwich. The Perfect Press takes a few steps away from my normal routine and his sandwich, so it’s ready to eat in less time.
  • Quick and even browning – It cooks from both sides and lightly presses the sandwich together.
  • Easy clean up – A simple wipe with damp paper towel is really all you need to do to clean the non stick surface.
  • Makes two sandwiches at once – There’s enough surface area to make two sandwiches at the same time.
  • Heats up quickly and to the right temperature – Ready in just under 3 minutes, by my test.

How to use the Breville Perfect Press

It couldn’t be simpler and there are really only two options. On/Off and the lid setting to either have it locked for storage, crush control (used here) and open melt for open-faced sandwiches.

  1. Turn the Perfect Press on.
  2. By the time you are ready to put your sandwich on, it’s pre-heated and ready to go (in 3 minutes).
  3. Place your sandwich in the Perfect Press and close the lid.
  4. Remove the sandwich when it’s browned to your liking and the cheese is melted.

How to make perfect cheese on toast: You've been doing it wrong

Cheese on toast is a go-to snack for most of us - but have you ever considered your method when cooking up your tasty treat?

Because, according to the latest life hack video, you&aposre probably doing it all wrong.

Laura Werlin, who presented the simple how-to guide for YouTube food channel, CHOW, explains that the most common mistake people make when creating their grilled cheese sandwiches is cutting the cheese and the bread too thick.

In the clip, Laura explains: "Thick cheese slices don&apost have a chance to melt before the bread burns.

"Some people think that slicing their bread really thick for a grilled cheese sandwich is going to make it taste better. But it&aposs not."

Butter each piece of bread with a thin layer of butter before placing the bread butter-side down.

Then add GRATED cheese to the non-buttered side of the bread.

Place the sandwich in a pre-heated non-stick pan for two or three minutes until the buttered side of the bread is golden brown.

Then flip over, and do the same with the other side. See, it&aposs simple.

Can&apost get enough of life hacks? Check out the best way to make pasta and sauce with this simple video.

And if you want to revolutionise your bacon sandwich (who doesn&apost?), then you need to see this genius method.

Grilled Cheese Sandwich Recipes: 20 Creative Ways to Make a Grilled Cheese Sandwich a Little Fancy by 30Seconds Food

Grilled cheese is a classic. Who doesn't love an ooey, gooey grilled cheese sandwich? But what if you took that grilled cheese and elevated it to star status? Here are 20 exciting ways to recreate that plain grilled cheese sandwich to red-carpet worthy. What's your favorite ingredients for a grilled cheese sandwich? Tell us in the comments section below!

Prep Time: 10 minutes
Cook Time: 10 minutes

1. Fried Apples Grilled Cheese: Cinnamon fried apples add a sweetness to grilled cheese. Apples go well with sharp cheeses like cheddar, white cheddar, gouda and Gruyere.

2. Ham and Cheese Grilled Cheese: Are you elevating the ham sandwich or grilled cheese sandwich? Who cares! This classic combination is a winner.

3. Caprese Grilled Cheese: Melty cheese combined with fresh basil leaves and tomato slices makes this sandwich just a little fancy. Try a sprinkling of red pepper flakes and a drizzle of olive oil, too.

4. Pepperoni Pizza Grilled Cheese: Use mozzarella cheese and freshly grated Parmesan cheese, and then add slices of pepperoni. Delish.

5. Macaroni and Cheese Grilled Cheese: Say what? You can't go wrong when you pile macaroni and cheese on bread and then grill it. This grilled cheese sandwich is over the top.

6. Club Sandwich Grilled Cheese: Take classic club sandwich ingredients like ham, turkey, lettuce, tomato, onions, avocado and turn them into a grilled cheese sandwich. Genius.

7. Apple and Bacon Grilled Cheese: Layer crisp slices of cooked bacon and fresh raw apples with your favorite cheeses.

8. Arugula and Berry Grilled Cheese: Peppery arugula combines so well with sweet berry preserves and cheese. Spread the bread with blueberry, raspberry or your favorite variety preserves and then top with baby arugula.

9. Reuben Grilled Cheese: Layer Reuben sandwich ingredients – sauerkraut, corned beef and mustard – and then top with Swiss cheese.

10. Caramelized Onion Grilled Cheese: Spread a thick layer of caramelize onions on top of the cheese before cooking. Plan ahead because caramelized onions take a little while to cook.

11. Mushroom and Ham Grilled Cheese: Mushrooms in a grilled cheese sandwich? Why not? Be sure to cook the mushrooms before adding them to the sandwich.

12. Eggplant and Herbs Grilled Cheese: Chopped roasted eggplant and fresh herbs give this grilled cheese sandwich a Mediterranean feel.

13. Thanksgiving Grilled Cheese: This grilled cheese sandwich takes all those Thanksgiving favorites and transforms them into a sandwich you'll probably need a fork for.

14. Avocado and Pesto Grilled Cheese: Creamy avocado and pesto together isn't new (check out all the avocado pesto recipes going viral). But adding avocado and basil pesto to a grilled cheese sandwich, however, is epic.

15. Blue Cheese, Cranberry and Spinach Grilled Cheese: The tang of blue cheese, the tartness of cranberries and the freshness of spinach is a grilled cheese sandwich match made in heaven.

16. Hawaiian Rolls Grilled Cheese: Instead of sandwich bread, use sweet Hawaiian rolls as the foundation for your grilled cheese sandwich.

17. BBQ Grilled Cheese: Turn a grilled cheese sandwich into an amazing barbecue sandwich by adding pulled pork, shredded barbecue chicken or brisket. Serve with a side of barbecue sauce for dipping.

18. Fresh Spinach Grilled Cheese: Cook a bag of fresh spinach and then layer it with mozzarella, Gruyere, fontina or your favorite cheese for an iron-packed sandwich.

19. Garlic Toast Grilled Cheese: Use flavorful garlic toast for your grilled cheese sandwich instead of plain bread. The frozen garlic toast works well, or use the leftovers from your spaghetti dinner.

20. Egg-on-Top Grilled Cheese: No matter what kind of cheese, bread or fancy ingredients you use on a grilled cheese sandwich, nothing adds a wow factor like a fried egg on top.

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With Spicy Ramen Breakfast Grilled Cheese, you truly can have it all

I will not bother to pretend that the inspiration for this sandwich came from anything other than marijuana. Ironically, this idea came to me on a night where, in an attempt to conquer my chronic insomnia, I went a little crazy with Cherry Pie (both the strain and actual pie ). Instead of falling asleep, though, I stayed up all night brainstorming new recipes, because I had hardcore munchies and my body was covered in pie crumbs. This is what we in the industry call “the creative process.”

This recipe happened because I began thinking about how I wanted to eat an Indian omelet sandwich—which you are likely familiar with thanks to YouTube or TikTok —but I also wanted to eat instant ramen, and a grilled cheese sandwich, and a few tablespoons of Holy Tshili chili crisp straight out of the jar. And, seeing as I am a stupendous , ingenious , and (rumored) Nobel Prize - nominated recipe developer, I decided I could have all four of these things at the exact same time. And so I did, and now you can, too. It’s a cheesy, eggy sandwich with ramen noodles as the bread. Just don’t eat this sandwich in bed, because chili crisp doesn’t come out of sheets as easily as cherry pie stains do. I learned this the hard way, but as a creative, I know that I must suffer for my work.

Chili Crisp Ramen Omelet Sandwich

  • 1 package instant ramen noodles, any flavor
  • 2 eggs
  • 2 Tbsp. milk
  • 2 Tbsp. dried chives or chopped scallion greens (optional)
  • 2 slices American cheese
  • Jar of chili crisp ( Holy Tshili , Me’s Way , and Lao Gan Ma are all amazing in this sandwich)

Remove the ramen from the packaging you’ll notice that there are two solid squares of noodles stacked together with a bit of a gap between them. Soak the entire thing in hot water for 60-90 seconds, until you can unfold and break the mass of ramen into two separate squares, then set each on paper towels to dry.

Begin preheating a large nonstick skillet over medium-high heat. In a small bowl, add the eggs, milk, chives/scallions, and half the ramen seasoning packet and beat vigorously with a fork until smooth and silky, about 30 seconds.

Coat the bottom of the skillet with oil from the jar of chili crisp, then pour the egg mixture into the pan. Swirl the pan around so the egg spreads out into a thin layer, then place the ramen noodle squares in the skillet side by side on top of the egg mixture this will cause the bottoms of the noodle squares to get eggy. After a few seconds, flip the noodle squares over so that there’s an eggy coating on top, and the bottoms are sitting atop the egg layer. Here’s a visual aid just treat the ramen squares like the bread in this video:

Once you’ve got the ramen squares placed on the egg layer, cook for 1-2 minutes until the eggs are mostly set, then brush the tops of the ramen squares with a bit more chili oil and flip the whole thing over (see it at 1:23 in the video above). Use a slotted spoon to scoop up as much chili crisp from the jar as you think you can handle, smear it on top of the eggs, then cover each side of the egg surface with a slice of American cheese. Using a spatula, fold in the draping edges of cooked egg so they’re sitting on top of the ramen halves, then fold the ramen over onto itself, closing it up like a book to form a sandwich. Remove from heat and let it sit for about two minutes to set, then eat immediately.

Watch the video: Make a grilled cheese and salami sandwich (January 2023).