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Kinder dessert cake without baking

Kinder dessert cake without baking

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Crush the digestive biscuits. Melt the butter and add it over the biscuits, mixing very well. The resulting composition is placed in a cake pan with removable walls and compacted very well. Leave the biscuits to cool for one hour.

For the vanilla cream, mix the sugar, eggs, flour and milk and put it on the fire to boil until it thickens. Allow the cream obtained to cool, then mix with margarine. Spread the cream over the cake and leave it to cool again until the chocolate cream is boiling. Mix the sugar with the cocoa and the egg to incorporate all the ingredients very well over which the milk is added then put it on the fire to boil until the cream thickens. Allow this cream to cool. When cold, mix with margarine, then add nutella. Put this cream over the cake.

Whip the liquid cream very well with the mixer and add it over the two creams. Grate the chocolate on top.