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Making Hamburger Patties

Making Hamburger Patties

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Learn how to incorporate delicious ingredients in with ground meat and shape for grilling perfection.

Forming Burgers

There’s nothing better to use than your hands to shape the perfect patty. You’ll notice that some recipes call for you to shape ground meat into patties without any additional seasonings. This is done to keep the flavor of the patties simple and meaty. For these simply seasoned burgers, sprinkle the patties with salt and pepper before they go on the grill so you’ll get a hit of those flavors as you bite in. Pair them with strongly flavored condiments and cheeses. Both simply seasoned burgers and the method described in this slideshow produce excellent results.

1. Work in Ingredients with Meat

Combine the ground meat and any burger ingredients—such as blue or feta cheese, minced shallots or onions, herbs, and spices—in a large bowl. As you work with the meat, be careful not to compact it. Just work the ingredients evenly and lightly into the meat—overworking will produce tough burgers.

2. Shape Patties

Divide the mixture into equal portions, shaping each into a patty.

3. Thumbprint for Even Cooking

To ensure that the meat cooks evenly, make a thumbprint indentation into each patty before it goes on the grill. The indentation helps the patty hold its shape—rather than swelling—as it shrinks during cooking.

The BEST Hamburgers in the Oven – Gone VIRAL!

By: Jessica · Posted: Feb 20, 2021 · Updated: Apr 20, 2021 · This post may contain affiliate links. Please read my disclosure policy.

Cooking Hamburgers in the Oven is EASY and may become your new favorite dinner recipe! This recipe with the “melt-in-your-mouth” trick makes all the difference!

Quick overview: Cook these at 375° for 25 minutes, and then build burgers with buns and wrap in foil and bake another 2-3 minutes for the ULTIMATE, best burger at home!

About the recipe

Cooking burgers (or any meat for that matter) in a cast iron skillet gives the meat a wonderful caramelized crust. We're upping that burger crust even more by giving each patty a good smash with our spatula as they cook in the skillet. Another trick? We're adding mustard directly into the patty, letting the savory condiment cook its way into the crust of the meat itself.

Try to find beef that is 75 or 80 percent lean. Anything leaner will make for a dry burger with a grainy texture.

The One Secret Ingredient Bobby Flay Uses to Make Perfect Burgers

Bobby Flay posing with Burger 101, as seen on Food Network Kitchen Live.

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There are burgers and then there are Bobby Flay burgers.

As any hardcore Bobby fan knows, when you watch him make a burger, his enthusiasm is completely contagious. That's because the one true burger king genuinely loves to teach people his tips and tricks.

"Whenever I make burgers, it makes me very, very happy," he says in his Burger 101 class on the Food Network Kitchen app.

Lucky for us, Bobby shared all of his best tips for how to make perfect burgers, plus the one super surprising ingredient that's the secret to success. Here's a sneak peek at what you'll learn — watch the class for even more burger know-how.

1. Form your patties gently.

"You don't want to spend a lot of time shaping your burger," Bobby says. "Basically, you want to get the burger shaped until it just holds together, so that when you eat it you can sort of see the granular pieces of the beef running through it. Otherwise, it gets like meat loaf and I don’t want that."

He prefers to make each patty with 5 1/2 to 6 ounces of meat so the burger has the best mouthfeel when you take a bite.

2. Press a divot into each patty with your thumb.

"When a burger [without a well] cooks, it plumps up like a football," Bobby says. "But when I put a well in the burger, it kind of looks like a funny shape, but it plumps back up to the original shape that you want the burger to be in."

3. Use a flat cooking surface.

If you're cooking burgers indoors, skip the grill pan and go with a stovetop griddle, heavy cast-iron pan or large skillet that hold its heat well.

The Secrets To Making The BEST Homemade Grilled Hamburgers

It is grilling season so that means it is time to share how we make the BEST Homemade Grilled Hamburgers.

If you follow our recipes, you know how much we love to use our gas grill, especially in the summer.

Not only do we grill beef hamburgers, we also use it to grill veggie burgers, ultimate bacon burgers, chicken, steak, diced potatoes and even our thin and crispy pizza crust!

The BEST homemade grilled hamburger!

Whatever we can think of, we throw it on the grill!

But one of the most common things that we make on the grill is homemade hamburgers.

Now, I am not against using pre-packaged frozen hamburgers from the store.

Those work great when feeding a crowd or when you are in a hurry to get something on the table for dinner.

However, you can&rsquot beat the taste of a homemade burger!

The flavor is so much better than the ones that you get from the freezer section of the grocery store.

And you can save yourself some money by making them from fresh ground beef rather than purchasing formed patties from the butcher.

But there are a few keys to making sure that you make the BEST homemade grilled hamburgers. But be sure to check out our popular Ultimate Bacon Cheeseburger recipe.

The Keys To Making The Hamburgers

Type of Beef To Use

First of all, be sure to use ground beef that has a lean-to-fat ratio of 80/20.

Use ground beef that has an 80/20 ratio.

You want to have this percentage of fat to help keep the texture moist. Not to mention, the little bit of fat will add a little extra flavor to your burger.

If you use ground sirloin that has a typical 90/10 ratio, your grilled hamburgers will most likely turn out dry and crumbly.


Now that you know the best type of ground beef to use, it is time to add a little flavor to your homemade hamburgers.

Instead of going overboard with seasonings that over power the taste of a grilled burger, we prefer to keep it simple.

A little minced garlic and onion adds a delicious, yet subtle flavor to your burgers.

Worcestershire sauce is the key ingredient when making the BEST hamburgers.

But the true secret seasoning that makes these grilled hamburgers the best ever is Worcestershire sauce!

The sauce adds a hint of savory and sweet flavors along with a distinct tang that makes your mouth water as you take each bite.

In fact, these burgers are so delicious that ketchup, mustard, or A-1 sauce is not even necessary!

Forming the Patties

Now that you have the ingredients, you must know that there are a couple of secrets to making the best homemade grilled hamburgers.

First of all, just like when making meatloaf, you do not want to overmix the meat.

Be sure not to over mix or over handle the burgers.

Mixing your ingredients too much is a very common mistake that can really make hamburgers turn out with a tough, dry texture.

Just mix the ingredients until incorporated and then form the patties.

The key to forming the best homemade hamburgers for grilling is to make them in 1/3rd pound portions. So each pound of beef that you use will make 3 patties.

You can use a hamburger press if you prefer. However, I just form them in the ball of my hand, being careful not to handle it too much.

Simply score the beef with the side of your hand into even sections. Then tear off that portion to make your each hamburger.

You can use a hamburger press if you prefer.

While you are making your homemade patties, be sure to put an indention in the center of your burger.

Your hamburgers will swell up in the center when placed on a grill. By putting a divot in the middle of your patties, your hamburgers will turn out nice and flat rather than domed.

Grilling Homemade Hamburgers

Now it is time to grill your homemade hamburgers.

There are a few keys to making sure that your burgers are grilled to perfection.

Start off with a hot grill and don&rsquot press or flip the burgers too much.

First, be sure to start off with a hot grill. Pre-heating your grill allows your meat to sear which helps hold all the juices inside.

Second, do NOT press down the hamburger with the spatula. Although a common practice, pressing down on the meat allows all of the juices to escape from the center of your burger.

And finally, do not flip several times! Allow the burger to cook adequately on one side.

If the burger sticks to the grates of the grill, it has not had enough time to cook. Leave it be until you can flip it easily!

The BEST homemade grilled hamburger!

So how do you know when your burger is done cooking? A meat thermometer is the best way to ensure that you have the BEST homemade burger!

Insert the thermometer in the side (not top) of the burger. This will give you an accurate reading of the internal temperature.

Remove the burgers from the grill when it is cooked to your liking!

Check out the printable recipe below and let me know what you think!

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Lipton Onion Soup Burger Recipe

Want to impress your family and friends with your burger grilling prowess? Well, this recipe for Lipton Onion Soup burgers is the key.

Initially, I thought that burgers were complicated to make, so I was always too intimidated to even try them.

You can just imagine my surprise when I came across this recipe! Since then, I&rsquove been making burgers all the time.

See, the cooking part is easy. You just let the patties sit on the grill, flip once, and boom, they&rsquore done.

The difficult part is seasoning them. I mean, it&rsquos not like you can taste the uncooked beef and check if you&rsquove done it right!

Unless you&rsquore a burger expert, you&rsquoll want to be as exact as possible with your measurements and ingredients. Too much or too little will make or break your burgers.

That&rsquos why I love this recipe! With a packet of Lipton Onion Soup mix and Hellmann&rsquos mayonnaise, making burgers has never been easier.

It&rsquos the best way to ensure that your burgers have the perfect flavor, 100% of the time.

Freezer cooking in the summer

While I love freezer cooking, I have to be selective in the recipes and techniques I choose for summer. I don’t always want to heat up the kitchen or have to remember to thaw. That’s where freezing hamburger patties really saves the day.

Sometimes I mix in spices, herbs, and onions, like in these Cilantro-Chipotle Cheeseburgers, but often I freeze the patties plain and then season them with a custom spice blend when they go on the grill or in the skillet. This leaves me free to decide what flavors to incorporate into burger night.

How to make burger patties for the freezer:

There are two main methods you can employ to make burger patties for the freezer: in bundles or individually. Here’s how to do it:

1. Form the ground meat into patties. I like to make 1/4 pound patties but you can make them whatever size suits your crowd. If you make a slight impression in the center of each, this will help them not to shrink and bulge up in the center when cooking.

2. Next, you can bundle the patties, separating them with pieces of parchment paper. Since ours is such a big family, I make bundles of eight, wrapping them tightly in plastic wrap and then placing them in a ziptop freezer bag.

Prior to cooking, I allow the patties to thaw. When I have ample time, I do this overnight in the fridge. When I don’t have so much time, I am usually able to pry the partially frozen patties apart and cook from frozen.

If you want to make only a few burgers or even just one, you can freeze the patties individually on a tray and then place the frozen patties in a ziptop bag.

Having patties already formed in the freezer allows me to custom make my burgers according to size, quality, and meat type. It also saves me precious minutes at supper time. I just heat the grill, cook the patties, and dinner is served.

Hamburgers In Convection Oven

The steps to cooking hamburgers in a convection oven are generally the same regardless of the type of burger you're making. Which means adding seasonings, diced onions, steak sauce, garlic or any other ingredients will not drastically alter the cooking time or temperature.

  1. Heat the oven: Preheat your convection oven to 425 degrees F. A lot of recipes call for 450 degrees F. If your oven automatically adjusts for a convection setting, enter 450 degrees F and the oven will adjust to 425 degrees F. Otherwise, set it at the convection setting at 425 degrees F.
  2. Prep the burgers: Season the hamburgers to your taste. In a bowl, add ground beef and the seasonings of your choice. Consider mixing in diced onions, steak sauce, minced garlic, Worcestershire sauce or seasoning salt. Use your hands to mix ingredients and hamburger together.
  3. Make the patties: Form the burgers with your hands to the desired size. Make into balls first, then flatten with the palm of your hand.
  4. Heat in a skillet first: Preheat a large cast iron skillet on medium to low heat for five minutes. Add a touch of oil and place the patties in the skillet. Turn the heat on high and cook the patties, turning once, for two minutes each side.
  5. Get them ready to cook: Using a roasting rack or large cookie sheet with a metal cooling rack in the sheet, transfer the patties from the skillet to the rack.
  6. Cook the burgers: Place the roasting rack or cookie sheet in the oven and bake for 13 to 15 minutes, or until the internal temperature reaches 160 degrees F. Use a food thermometer to check for doneness. If you want to add cheese, take the burgers out when there is two minutes left. Place cheese on top of patties and put back in the oven for the remaining time.
  7. Remove and serve: Remove the pan from the oven and place patties on a plate. Serve on buns with a tossed salad, potato fries and fruit.

Recipes Using Frozen Hamburger Patties:

Most of these recipes using premade beef patties are super fast and easy AND I usually make them when I am in a hurry and want to get something on the table quick…therefore, forgetting to take pictures!

Before you go any further…be sure and grab your Free Mini Cookbook of Simple & Delicious Homemade Ground Beef Recipes !

This Mini Cookbook has more than JUST Frozen Hamburger recipes….grab yours!

Ok so By the way, YES you can use Turkey Burgers or Veggie Burgers with any of these recipes!

One way that I save TONS of money is by buying meat in bulk and then making my own hamburger patties to freeze for later!

These multi burger makers make it sooo easy too! Love em!

recipes using burger patties

Pizza Burgers with Frozen Hamburger Patties

These pizza burgers are crunchy on the outside and oh so tender on the inside. They are super easy to make, made from frozen burgers! If you love pizza and love burgers and cheese…you will definitely want to try these! YUM!

Crockpot Salisbury Steak with Frozen Hamburger Patties

You will LOVE this super easy Crockpot Salisbury Steak meal! It only has 4 ingredients and trust me…It is SO delish and moist!

Mashed Potato Burger Stacks with Frozen Hamburger Patties

Ok can I just say this is one of our family faves and truly, they are made in 15 minutes!! You gotta try these Mashed Potato Burger Stacks!

Cheesy Sloppy Joe Casserole

Cheesy Sloppy Joe Casserole with Frozen Hamburger Patties

This Cheesy Sloppy Joe Casserole is a super easy Hamburger Patty Casserole, made with only 4 ingredients and the kids just love it! If you ever wondered just what else you could make with frozen hamburger patties…well this should be on the list!

Salisbury Steak with Frozen Hamburger Patties

I’ll show you how to make Salisbury Steak made with frozen hamburger patties and they can’t be beat for easy, hearty and ooh so deelish! Add Sauteed’ Mushrooms and WOW!

Cheesy Sauce Burgers with Frozen Hamburger Patties

These cheesy sauce sauce burgers are also made in the oven with frozen hamburger only a few ingredients!


So there is actually a silly story behind cooking my burgers in the oven. It’s become one of my favorite ways to cook! See how I do it without making a mess!

Homemade Hamburger Patties and How to Freeze for Later

This is a tutorial on how I make up my own Hamburger patties and save tons of money! If you’ve not done it…You definitely need to! See the easy way I quickly do up a bunch!

Did you know that you can PRE COOK your burgers and then freeze for later? YES you can. See how I get er done to make life easier for you AND your family!

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To make a hamburger, get ground chuck beef with 15% fat content, and place it in a bowl. Add chopped onion and garlic to the bowl and mix the ingredients together with a spoon. Then, crack 1 large egg onto the meat, season with salt and pepper and mix the egg and seasoning into the meat. Use your hands to shape the hamburger mixture into 6 equal sized patties, about 1/2 inch thick. Chill the burgers for 30 minutes in the fridge before grilling or cooking the hamburgers. Serve the burgers on buns with your favorite toppings and condiments! For alternate hamburger recipes, including how to make a double cheeseburger or a pizza hamburger, read on!