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The Most 'Life-Changing' Burger and More News

The Most 'Life-Changing' Burger and More News

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In today's Media Mix, Mitt Romney's birthday dish, plus how social media is changing chocolates

The Daily Meal's Media Mix brings you the biggest news around the food world.

Dick's Named "Most Life-Changing Burger Joint": In a David-versus-Goliath win, Seattle's Dick's Drive-In beat out notable competitors (In-N-Out, Steak 'n Shake, Five Guys) in Esquire's reader poll. The secret to this simple yet tasty burger? Fresh patties, with a mayonnaise and pickled relish sauce. [Esquire]

Mitt Romney's Birthday Dinner: Though he's been stomping through the campaign trail, Romney says the only meal he wants on his birthday is his wife's meatloaf cakes. [NYT]

OJ Prices Stabilize: Good news for those who need a blast of orange juice in the morning: Despite fears of an orange shortage in January, the shortage appears to have been overblown and prices have gone back down to $1.85 per can. [HuffPo]

You Can Take the Bagel Out of Brooklyn...: But the famous Brooklyn water that makes a bagel so tasty can't be duplicated, says a new lawsuit. One Florida plaintiff has sued the Original Brooklyn Water Bagel Co. because he was "duped" into believing that Brooklyn water could be recreated in the South. [Gothamist]

Social Media Demands Discontinued Chocolates: Fans of defunct chocolates, such as the Wispa from Cadbury, have found a new tool to bring back their beloved but discontinued candies: social media campaigns. [Guardian]