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Mix eggs with sugar, add oil, then add sifted flour and ammonia.

Knead everything well, until you get a homogeneous, non-sticky composition.

Grease the special form of nuts with a little oil, then heat it on the stove flame.

Meanwhile, form small balls of dough, which you then put in the shape of nuts.

Gather the form well with the dough, then let them bake on each side, about 2-3 minutes, until golden.

Proceed in this way until you finish the whole amount of dough.

For the filling, mix the margarine with the walnut edges, ground walnuts, cocoa powder, rum essence and jam. If necessary, you can add a little powdered sugar.

Fill the walnut halves with this composition and glue them in pairs.

Roll the cookies in powdered sugar.

Recipes, how to cook walnut tincture partitions and peel

Here you will learn how to make a tincture of walnut walls and walnut shell.

Strong walnut tincture

  • Vodka - 1 liter of
  • Ground apricot holes - 60 g (0, 5 cups)
  • Walnut compartments - 3 tbsp. spoon
  • Good quality instant coffee - 2-3 grams (1 teaspoon)
  • Sugar - 8-10 grams (1 teaspoon)

According to the recipe of walnut tincture on the partitions need to mix all the ingredients and pour vodka. Cork, put in a cool place for 60 days and periodically shake the bottle. vodka strain, then filtered and mixed with boiled water ostuzhennoy 1: 1.

Pour into a prepared dry bottle. Keep a drink in a dark place.

To prepare the tincture of walnut shells clean walnuts need to divide, remove the core, finely chop peel. Pour into the crushed coating of the bottle up to 2/3 volume of the vessel, pour the boron with vodka and close. Put in a dark place for 60-90 days. Drained liquid, filter. Ready infusion mix with sugar syrup to taste.

Fasting check with peanut butter and nuts

Last weekend's dessert was a fasting one. I made a fasting cake with nuts and peanut butter, a cake that, to my surprise, was also one that I liked. I think I've said in other blog posts that I'm not a big fan of fasting desserts because they don't seem as tasty as the others. So, during fasting periods, I prefer to cook fewer desserts.

But I've wanted to try a fasting peanut dessert for a while. I like the taste of peanut butter and we often eat it for breakfast. I rather prefer it like that, spread on rice slices, possibly with a little honey over it. A perfect fasting breakfast, I say.

But, as you also read different recipes for desserts with peanut butter, I said that I must try to use it as well. And how can it be better valued than in a fasting dessert, I thought. Why? Because its strong aromatic taste could supplement some of the large amount of sugar in fasting desserts and at the same time give it a special flavor.

And yes, I was right. My intuition was a good one because I was finally satisfied with a fasting dessert like this. Now do not understand that I did not like the other fasting desserts whose recipes I have published over time. Of course I liked them because otherwise I wouldn't publish them anymore. It's just that he seems to be the best of them all. Maybe because of the peanut butter flavor that I really like.

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The recipe, like any other fasting dessert recipe, is a very easy one to make. We mix the dry ingredients in one bowl and the wet ones in another and then we combine them together and ready. No need for a mixer or long time in the kitchen. But let's see how it's done together.

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How to prepare cream for Walnuts filled with chocolate cream?

Chocolate cream with butter can be prepared in advance a few days. Although in most recipes the cream is a kind of floury and inaccurate biscuit salami, made with grated cookies. I did as Aunt Kati did: a fine cream from Dobos cake & # 8211 see recipe in detail. To this cream you can add, according to your preferences, a little real rum or some chopped walnuts.

Whole eggs are put together with the sugar, salt and vanilla in a metal bowl placed on a pot in which a little water (bain marie) boils. Beat the mixture until it reaches 80 C then remove the bowl from the steam and add the broken chocolate in the cream. Mix gently with a whisk until the cream base is smooth. Leave to cool for a few hours until it reaches room temperature. Remove the butter from the fridge a few hours before to reach room temperature.

It is very important that the two components (cream base and butter) have the same temperature!

Beat the butter with the mixer until it becomes frothy and add the cocoa. Beat for a few more minutes. Gradually add the cream base, spoon by spoon, mixing briefly between tranches. Do not mix much because there is a risk of cutting.

If your cream has been cut, DON'T despair! Any cream based on butter is straightened very easily, mixing it for a few more minutes (it can be 10-15 minutes). By rubbing it heats up and returns to its original texture, homogeneous and smooth.

The chocolate cream with butter is left to cool for 1-2 hours. You can prepare it 3-5 days in advance and keep it in the refrigerator in a hermetically sealed plastic box.

I didn't flavor the cream with anything because it's as sensational as it is. You can add 1 small glass of real rum (Jamaica), candied orange peels (finely chopped) or lightly fried and chopped walnuts.


Family holidays always provoke a childish emotion that reminds me that we did not miss the croissants, walnuts filled with jam, "frames" or homemade cakes made with great care by my mother or grandmother helped by us. with much joy.

Here is an authentic recipe for homemade walnuts made with lard and filled with plum and walnut jam.


  • 550 gr. flour
  • 200 gr. lard
  • ½ teaspoon baking soda
  • 100 gr. sugar
  • 1 pinch of salt
  • 3 eggs
  • grated peel of a lemon and an orange

I had a very old form of walnut in the house, which I unfortunately lost after moving to the new house, but that didn't stop me from buying another one as soon as I saw it at a stall in Obor Square. I keep it sacred this time and I would not give it up in any way even if I have a kitchen full of all kinds of modern shapes and cake trays.

The recipe is very simple due to the fact that it is prepared only manually by mixing in a bowl flour with very cold lard, sugar and a pinch of salt.

Over them I put the baking soda extinguished with a drop of lemon juice, then I add the three eggs, grated lemon peel and orange, then I quickly incorporate them in the prepared crust while I add 2-3 tablespoons of flour to get a pretty crust of consistency and homogeneity.

After leaving it to cool for another 15-20 minutes, I start to form tiny balls of about 5-6 grams, which I carefully place in a hot shape on the small eye above the stove.

It is a bit meticulous because I have to constantly prepare balls with one hand, and with the other I have to be careful to turn the shape on both sides for a uniform browning.

I baked over 150 shells and they seem so many that I decided to fill another part with a chocolate ganache prepared from 150 grams of melted chocolate with 100 ml. fresh, 50 gr. butter and 100 grams of chopped walnuts over which I poured a drop of chocolate liqueur.

But most of them I fill with a plum jam that I have had in the pantry for at least 5 years, kept as well as at the beginning.

I mix it with the cleaned leftovers from the edges of the walnut shells and with 200 grams of ground walnuts.

As expected, they were the most successful.

"Mama" syrup cake with cocoa cream, nuts, pineapple, cream

Preparation time 1 hour 30 minutes



  • 6 eggs husband
  • 180 g sugar (prepares with powder faster)
  • 135 g white flour 000
  • 1 sachet of vanilla sugar
  • 1 small salt powder


  • 8 tablespoons normal caster sugar (crystals)
  • 4 tablespoons white flour
  • 3-4 tablespoons cocoa
  • 900 ml up to 1 l of milk (better whole fat or 3.5% fat)
  • 150 g butter (tastier fat 80% fat)



  • 130 ml water
  • 2 lg (tablespoons) sugar
  • juice from 1 medium lemon in size
  • 1 sachet of vanilla sugar


  • 1 can of sliced ​​pineapple compote (or 1 fresh pineapple - fruit)
  • 200 ml liquid cream for whipped cream
  • 1 sachet of vanilla powdered sugar
  • garnished with diced pineapple, I put strawberries for color

I start by preparing the boring stuff. Grease the wall of the 26 cm tray with removable walls with butter from place to place, so that the paper stays. Cut a baking paper disc according to the quick and safe method HERE: Cut a square of baking paper with a side slightly larger than the diameter of the round bottom of the tray, then fold in 4 and as much as possible. You get a cornet that you cut on the smallest visible side. This way you get a perfect disc.
Cut a strip of baking paper and fix it as a wall with butter. Then place the paper disc on the bottom or vice versa I see that I did it by mistake :).

I peeled the walnut kernels from the shells, I lightly fried them without smoking for 2 minutes in the Teflon grilled pan because it is thick and I turned off the heat, so they cook without burning, from the heat of the pan. After cooling, I put them in a zipped bag and quickly crushed them with a wooden rolling pin (the one for spreading cake sheets) or with a glass bottle.

The tray is 26 cm in diameter and you will cut 2 discs, like here, or the tray is 24 cm in diameter and grows enough to cut 3 discs.

1. By protecting the paper from the tray, do not rub it on the tray and then the top comes out smooth without sticking.
2. You can sift flour for aeration, but I usually don't because I'm in a hurry.
3. I started the oven on low heat for now (120 degrees).
4. I separated the egg whites and beat them with the mixer together with a pinch of salt until I got hard peaks. After that I added the sugar in 2 tranches and I beat first at stage 1 then immediately I increased to the maximum (so that the sugar does not fly, I start with stage 1). The tips bend slightly.
3. I added all the yolks in the meringue, I gave 2-3 pulses. No more mixing.
4. I poured over the prepared meringue flour and mixed it in the robot exceptionally to save time

and it turned out like this:

It is correct to rub the yolks with the sugar in the mixer until they turn white, then with the flour and at the end of the manual it is recommended to add all the beaten egg whites, with a whisk to mix with movements from bottom to top, so it will keep a lot of air. looks at the one with cocoa here, but the one above also works when you make it for home:

You can also find the cake top version & # 8211 Pandispan with cocoa, HERE

5. Pour the composition into the prepared tray, level with a spatula and bake for 40 minutes or 1 hour at 180 degrees (step 4.5 gas cooker tired with the door not closing tightly). In new electric ovens, it takes 40 & # 8211 45 minutes, be careful, test with the toothpick after this time. It should come out clean when you stick it in the middle of the countertop.
6. You can peel off the side strip of paper as soon as you remove the top from the mold and pull it on a grill to cool. You will remove the paper from the bottom after the countertop has cooled completely, for at least an hour. I took it out on the closed balcony where it's colder, but it's not cold, this winter.
You will cut the countertop cold with a knife with a long and possibly serrated blade. To appreciate equal heights, hold straight until you start with a flat plate or better a shredder not too high if you have.
It's a wonderful cake top!

It will work with a silicone target, otherwise you will scratch the pan / pot. The vessel should be covered with stone dust, or Teflon, or a pot with a thick stainless steel bottom, which does not stick. The worst is the enameled one.
1. Mix the dry sugar + flour + cocoa
2. Gradually pour the cold milk and stirring circularly with the whisk, so it does not make lumps. Do not put it on all the milk, see how the cream thickens, you can add while it boils to adjust the consistency.
3. Boil on the stove over medium heat. After 3 minutes you start and stir continuously, otherwise it sticks to the bottom.
It becomes smooth and shiny,

it will boil until it thickens than a cream, but not petrified, in which case you will add more milk. Not too fluid, because although it hardens on cooling, it can flow during installation. You will learn over time the optimal proportion, from the eyes.
4. Turn off the heat and put the butter cubes. Stir until melted.
5. Add the walnuts and mix well. Leave to cool for a few hours.
Now cut the canned pineapple and drain it in a spaghetti sieve on a bowl, you will collect the syrup for syrup.

Boil all vanilla-free ingredients for 2 minutes. Turn off the heat, mix with the vanilla sugar, cover with a saucer and leave to cool. After cooling, mix with the pineapple compote syrup.

You can't beat the cream from natural cream if it is not at least 30% fat (La Dorna is the best and there is no advertising) and cooled for 15 minutes in the freezer, before beating.
If you beat it too much, it will be cut and the butter will separate. Therefore, beat with the mixer at low speed at first 30 seconds, then at most about two minutes I think, it depends on the quantity. As it has hardened, towards the end, add the powdered sugar (grind it in the coffee grinder) vanilla & # 8211 10 or 20 grams, not much.
The bowl should have high edges, otherwise you will keep a cloth towel with your left hand, because whipped cream splashes will jump on the walls. The static mixer is wonderful, it also has a lid. Put cold cream in the fridge, not in the freezer.

1. Cut a baking paper collar so that you do not clean the tray on the edges. How? As above, cut the disc and then remove 2/3, the part with the conical tip and thus a hole remains in the middle that enters 2 cm below the countertop disc at the base. No more being under the counter because it will get wet from the syrup and break.
2. With a knife with a long, sharp blade, or wire to cut countertops, cut the countertop in half. Place half of it on the serving platter with the cut up, syrup with 1/2 of the syrup. See, maybe you had too much syrup, not to puddle though. Store the other half with the cut up on a large plate and syrup only half so as not to risk breaking when you put it on the cake.
3. Distribute about 35% of the walnut cream on the first half of the counter. Sprinkle all the raisins (optional, but it's better). Place 1/2 of the drained pineapple pieces
4. Place the second disc on the counter with the cut / porous part upwards to distribute the rest of the syrup with a spoon. Cover the whole cake in smoothing cream with a silicone spatula or a knife with a wide blade and spread the rest of the pineapple on top.

With a silicone pos it would be the most comfortable, with star studs or whatever you like, garnish with cold cream, sprinkle rosettes and tufts on the top plate. On the side, it is rarer because the whipped cream is not as good as the vegetable one.
I put the strawberries only for color, because I had them in the house.
Keep it in the fridge for at least 3 hours to combine the tastes.
I also recommend it to children, it is not nauseous at all. It's classic and good, good, good.
Liv (e) it!


Popular dessert recipes from Serbia

Serbs love rich cakes, walnuts, strudels and desserts of all kinds and after periods of strict abstinence from eggs, milk, butter and meat for Lent and Advent, when Easter Holidays , Christmas and Slavas se rolling, he stops with a table of sweets moaning with delights. Serbs and Croats share some of the same desserts, so I included those here.

This recipe for chocolate Serbian cakes or chocolate cake is a wet and rich cake, frequently served for Christmas, Easter, glory and other special occasions. Finely ground nuts enlarge the garlic layers.

This recipe for cake of Serbian reform or for cake reform it is a rich, multi-layered sponge cake with a creamy chocolate filling. Some believe that it came with the post-war communist reforms, when eggs, butter, finer flour, chocolate and nuts were more available and could be "scattered" on a rich dessert.

This recipe for torch or torta praska Serbian Serb is made with a layered yeast dough that does not require height, filling apricots and toppings with meringue powder.

Stripes or Serbian krofne are consumed throughout the year, but especially before the beginning of Lent. Orthodox Christians observe Cheesefare Sunday (the last day when dairy products can be consumed) two days before the martyrs at Shrove, so that crocne, palacinke and other fried and rich foods would be eaten then.

This recipe for Tulumbe is a very sweet and popular dessert in the Balkans. The drink is similar to that of a pate French dough, and the appearance is similar to an unclosed, neglected eclair. Tulumbe are traditionally fried and then soaked in plain syrup overnight. I prefer to bake like I did here.

This is a simple, uncooked, unbaked dessert that is made to look like a piece of Croatian Bajadera candy. It is a wonderful project for children. This would make a terrible edible gift, especially if wrapped in a cute box.

This recipe for Serbian Napoleons or cream pita it is traditionally made with bread pastries, but the use of the type bought by the store is perfectly acceptable. The success is to prevent too many pastries and to continue to be flakes. If you are a traditional boy, take comfort in the cooked cream filling.

Stuffed nuts price: how much do these delicacies cost?

If you don't feel like spending time in the kitchen, but you can't give up the prospect of such good stuffed nuts, find out that these delicacies can also be bought.

Their price varies, of course, depending on the assortment and the manufacturer. On average, you can pay from 10 lei to over 60 lei, depending on how you prepare it. For example, for 500 g of stuffed walnuts purchased from the supermarket, it is not necessary to take more than 15 lei out of your pocket.

But, if you want stuffed walnuts prepared by skilful housewives, then you have to raise. Prices vary online, and can reach 70 lei per kilogram.

5. Thyroid control

The thyroid helps you control your metabolism, heart rate and body temperature. The thyroid gland has more selenium content per gram of tissue than any other organ in the body.

Selenium is a key component of the molecules that are needed for your body to create and use thyroid hormones. Selenium from Brazil nuts can help keep your thyroid in good working order and in good health.

Research now shows, through numerous studies, that there is a link between thyroid metabolism and selenium deficiency. Selenium acts as a catalyst for the production of active thyroid hormones.

A 2015 study in Brazil found that people with low levels of thyroid hormone T3 were able to increase their selenium levels by supplementing with nuts from Brazil, which was associated with improving thyroid hormone levels in patients with low levels of thyroid hormone. reduced by T3.

In general, selenium in Brazil nuts acts as a powerful protector of the thyroid and regulates the production of reactive oxygen in the gland and protects the body from antibodies that can create thyroid disease. Thus, Brazil nut can act as a natural remedy for thyroid health, mainly due to its selenium content.

Walnut recipes

Search among these walnut recipes and prepare the best desserts for you and your family. See what ingredients you need to make a walnut cake or a walnut jam!

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  • Bread (18)
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  • Fruit (374)
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    • Pere (14)
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    • Bananas (45)
    • Lamai (33)
    • Orange (31)
    • Gutui (4)
    • Apricots (8)
    • Mango (17)
    • Cherries (6)
    • Plums (4)
    • Pineapple (15)
    • Cherries (18)
    • Grapefruit (4)
    • Peaches (15)
    • Walnuts (28)
    • Grapes (15)
    • Raspberries (21)
    • Watermelon (12)
    • Blueberries (14)
    • Coconut nut (7)
    • Kiwi (15)
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    • Pomegranates (5)
    • Almonds (15)

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    Probably every year it happens that, after the Easter holidays, you are left with a lot of chocolate from.

    Once we start breastfeeding our babies, we know we need to be more careful than usual when it comes to breastfeeding.

    It may sound strange, and the zucchini, being sweet, can also be used in desserts successfully. This type of dessert is.

    If you want to naturally increase your ability to concentrate and at the same time ensure your vitamin intake.

    The first days of spring can bring, along with the bleaching sun and longer days, the unpleasant conditions caused by.

    As we know, the liver is the main organ responsible for detoxifying the body. Being & icircnsă so & acirct to request (food.

    If you want to have beautiful skin for a longer period of time, nutritionists advise you to get used to consuming it daily.

    If your child loves desserts, choose to prepare some that are tasty, but lack sugar. Here are 5.

    Each of us wants to celebrate our family and guests with all kinds of dishes at the New Year's Eve table.

    As every year, you want a very special cake to be missing from the New Year's table. To you.

    Vegan means vegetable ingredients that are not cooked. And, behold, it is not impossible to make a respectable chocolate cake.