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Red eggs ... green and blue

Red eggs ... green and blue

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We take the eggs out of the fridge a few hours before we boil them. We degrease them with water with dish detergent. We wipe them well and then we boil them in salted water.

when they have boiled, let them cool, then take a sock, tie at the end and apply a leaf or 2 of parsley, then tie the sock at the end and immerse in colored water according to the instructions on the package.

For a natural shine, grease with a clean napkin with a little oil, each egg separately.

Have a happy Easter!!!!!!

I mixed 4 tablespoons of boiled green leaves in the robot until they became like a cream, I added 4 eggs mixing from time to time, 200 ml of milk and 400 grams of flour, then grated Parmesan cheese and salt.

The mixture should flow, very similar to that of pancakes.

I did it about 2 hours before because it has to stay a little longer.

Unfortunately, the consistency of the dough must flow in order to use the special tool for spaetzle.

I boiled the pot of salted water and when the water started to boil I poured the mixture moving the white part of the instrument back and forth.

After I finished pouring the whole composition I waited for them all to rise to the surface and then I took them out with a whisk and put them in the pot in which I heated the fresh tomatoes cleaned of seeds and peel in a little melted butter. , then I mixed well.
The green Spaetzle recipe with fresh tomato sauce was proposed by Adriana Nicoleta

Easter traditions

Easter it is the Christian-Orthodox holiday that announces The resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ, the victory of mankind, the triumph over suffering and the washing away of sins. Very much Easter traditions they are kept even now and much awaited by the little ones.

It begins with Holy Week, which begins on Palm Sunday, when Jesus Christ enters Jerusalem, and ends on Easter Sunday, when Christ rises. This week the last preparations are being made for the big holiday

Easter eggs painted naturally (organic) with red cabbage

Today I show you how to dye eggs naturally. If you want to have naturally painted eggs on the Easter table, here's what. MOV EGGS: Boil red cabbage and add eggs to the resulting substance.

Tools and materials for naturally painted eggs. The rule was to use white-shelled eggs, because they stick to them. Use onion leaves, turmeric, red cabbage, black rice, blueberries, leaves. Take into account the shades that the painted eggs will have and choose a girl.

Easter eggs do not have to be dyed with artificial dyes.

Commercial egg paint affects the thyroid and children - ANPC study

A recent study by the National Association for Consumer Protection showed that commercial egg paint contains a lot of chemicals.

Some of them have very serious consequences.

Commercial egg paint can cause thyroid cancer: Dunk

Certainly many of us are aware that eggs painted with artificial dyes have many E's that can be harmful.

But how many of us are willing to make a change and opt for a natural alternative?

It is important to approach this issue with more responsibility and to put health above convenience or aesthetics.

Commercial egg dyes also affect the thyroid

Chemical paints are 100% effective, give good results and are easy to use.

Unfortunately, they contain very dangerous additives.

List of dangerous E's in egg paint

The ANPC study revealed that the number of additives in these paints increased by 58% compared to previous years.

Some brands use over 10 additives. Some of them are extremely harmful:

E102 (tartrazine) & # 8211 has carcinogenic potential, especially favoring the development of thyroid cancer

E211 (sodium benzoate) - irritates the gastric mucosa, damages the liver and kidneys, can cause anorexia

E122 (azorubin) - gives hyperactivity to children and increases the risk of ADHD

E133 (bright blue FCF) - causes allergic reactions is contraindicated in hyperactive children.

As we saw from the ANPC study, chemical paints can be toxic and carcinogenic. They also affect the thyroid gland.

If the information presented above has managed to cause you concern, maybe it's time to change the method of painting the eggs this year.

Even if we paint only the peel, the chemicals in the paint penetrate the egg white and thus we end up ingesting them without wanting to.

Natural alternatives for painting Easter eggs

Even if eggs painted with commercial paints are more good-looking and more successful, it is important to think about the consequences.

The use of natural dyes is an old practice in our country. According to tradition, red eggs are made with onion peels. And the result is unexpectedly good.

The shells can be gathered during Lent, or during the year. You can use both yellow shells and red shells. The yellow ones are much better.

The red color has a deep symbolism. It represents the blood of the Lord and that is why it is good to limit ourselves only to this color.

The blue, green, yellow eggs are just for appearance, but they have no significance for the Feast of the Lord's Resurrection.

How to paint eggs with yellow onion peels


Put the shells in a large saucepan. Place the eggs on top and fill the bowl with water. Finally add the vinegar.

Put the pot on the fire. Bring to the boil. Let the water boil for 20-30 minutes under the lid.

If you want the eggs to darken again, after turning off the heat, let them soak in the red water, without removing the shells.

If you leave them until the next day, they will get a darker shade of red.

After drying, grease with oil. The oil not only gives them a beautiful shine, but also intensifies their color.

Even if eggs colored by this method are not as vibrant and bright as those colored with commercial paints, at least you know for sure that they are natural and do not expose you to any danger.

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1. Antena 3, Easter egg paint has more chemicals than in previous years, according to a study:
2. Rachel Jones, Red Eggs for Greek Easter:

* The advice and any health information available on this site are for informational purposes, do not replace the doctor's recommendation. If you suffer from chronic illnesses or follow drug treatments, we recommend that you consult your doctor before starting a cure or natural treatment to avoid interaction. By postponing or interrupting classic medical treatments you can endanger your health.

Eggs painted with beets

If you liked our recipe Eggs painted with onion leaves and beets, don't forget to review them. After you have finished cooking, give yourself a few minutes and arrange your hair like in the salon with personal care products from BaByliss

Naturally painted eggs with onion peels, red cabbage, beets and turmeric We will detail below the ingredients you need to get 12 painted eggs: Blue / green / brown eggs: 2 cups chopped red cabbage, 2 cups water, 2 tablespoons of vinegar Beetroot with Vinegar 17 recipes: Horseradish with beetroot in vinegar to your taste, Beetroot salad, Beetroot and buckwheat salad, Beetroot salad. My account My cookbook. Naturally Painted Raising Eggs (Grandma's Recipes) (13 votes), (1), (3

Naturally painted eggs with red cabbage and beets says: April 9, 2015 at 5:14 pm [] Easter eggs are painted red and to get this color naturally you can use the leaves from the red onion peels Ingredients : peels of 1 kg of red onions, 5-6 teaspoons of coffee, 1 beetroot, eggs, water, 3 tablespoons of vinegar. Preparation: You can paint Easter eggs in different shades of red using red onion peels. Peel the onion the night before, put the peels in the water and leave them to soak for 12 hours, covered

Naturally painted Easter eggs with beetroot - YouTub

Remove the eggs with a spatula and let them dry, then polish them with a piece of soft cloth soaked in a little oil. Tools and materials for naturally painted eggs - natural coloring agents (red cabbage, turmeric, onions, beets and coffee) - a 3 liter pot (or larger) - white vinegar - strainers - small bowls - eggs How to paint eggs natural with onion and beet peels? A recipe explained step by step, as our grandmothers did, naturally and simply, only with c ..

Naturally painted eggs with red cabbage and beets

For green / blue eggs we use red cabbage. If we use eggs with white shell we get the color blue, instead, eggs with yellow shell will turn green. Finely chop the red cabbage, cover with water and cook for 15 minutes. Leave the solution to cool, strain it, add 1-2 tablespoons of vinegar, add eggs and leave a few like this. Eggs Painted natural. 4 methods with sure result! Another method of naturally coloring eggs is to use vegetables such as beet Red and / or cabbage Red. In both the method of preparation is, in principle, the same. Chop the vegetables, bring to a boil with water to get a decoction that we will later use to. Using turmeric we obtained yellow eggs, with red cabbage they came out blue, with white onion leaves they got a dark red color, and with red beets they came out light brown. I used white eggs because as far as I know they are easier to paint. In the water in which I boiled eggs, in addition to ingredients, I also used salt and vinegar. Do not leave eggs for more than one night because they can darken too much in color. You can boil eggs directly in the water with beets, for a faster painting, but be careful because they can crack. Red cabbage As with beetroot, boil a small red cabbage in a liter of water, along with two teaspoons of vinegar. Strain.

Eggs painted with turmeric vendy April 13, 2017 Eggs, Painted Eggs, Easter Holidays. Facebook. Twitter. Pinterest. e-mail. Turmeric (turmeric) is a plant originating in South Asia. The harvested rhizomes are boiled, dried in ovens and then ground into an orange-yellow powder. Turmeric powder is used as a spice or dye. This Easter I made naturally painted eggs with onion and turmeric leaves. I thought I'd show you how I did it, because the Ascension is coming soon and maybe you want to paint them naturally too. [ingredients title = Ingredients] egg leaves from 1 kg of yellow onion and 1 kg of tomato 2 tablespoons full of turmeric (turmeric The famous method of painting eggs with onion peels. Choose a pot with a flat bottom, put the paint in it and 10 eggs brought in. To color eggs using artificial dyes we have several options: we can use red onion leaves - for brown-painted eggs, leaves. and place the eggs on the napkins, to dry, grease the eggs with a little oil, for gloss and place them in the basket prepared in advance.If you like this recipe, Eggs painted in red onion peels, do not hesitate to leave me a comment on BLOGS How to make naturally painted red eggs. 100% natural, healthy and fast method. Easter is approaching and red eggs should not be missing from the table during this period. You can prepare them with commercial paint, but this is toxic, and if the eggshell breaks during boiling and reaches the egg white, we can accidentally ingest it.

I painted red eggs with a generous amount of red onion peels, 2 thicker pieces of beetroot that I left to soak overnight in a liter of water and 2 tablespoons of vinegar. Orange eggs are painted with yellow onion peels also left to soak for 12 hours in a liter of water with 2 tablespoons of vinegar. Follow my recipe for eggs painted with red cabbage to get interesting shades of blue using only natural ingredients. The recipe is very easy, but for the most interesting results it takes time - the color gets better the longer you leave it to act :) - with natural ingredients (I tried with beets and spinach) Unfortunately, the net kind of plays tricks, but we will try to put the painting steps in time. How to paint eggs with crepe paper. First boil the eggs (for sticky eggs 7-8 minutes - put eggs kept at room temperature in cold water, at the right heat - for hard-boiled eggs. Natural Painted Red Eggs , with beets and red cabbage I left it softer for a while after which I felt the urge to try the method seen in my grandmother and my mother, said and done! Catholic on March 27 We present below 8 recipes with natural ingredients with which you can paint Easter eggs 1. How to get the red color: with beetroot juice Boil red beets with 1 tablespoon of salt and 1 tablespoon of vinegar, thus obtaining beetroot juice Put eggs already boiled in this juice and leave them overnight

Naturally painted Easter eggs with beetroot If you want to have naturally painted eggs on the Easter table. Autoplay When autoplay is enabled, a suggested video will automatically play next. Natural egg painting: how to color eggs with beet juice, coffee, spinach or onion peels Vinegar, Beetroot eggs (chicken, duck, goose, turkey, quail) 1. the first version of red onion leaves with as many as possible better white onion leaves beetroot different leafy little vinegar 2nd second version crepe paper ote Onions with Beetroot 21 recipes: Beetroot Borscht, Beetroot Cream Soup, Beetroot Potato Borscht !, Beet Cream Soup tomato (video recipe), Beetroot salad, Beetroot cream soup, Beetroot and orange salad. . 0. Facebook Twitter Pinterest Whatsapp Email. Read also: Lamb's milk Eggs Painted in onion leaves Red bread with cow's cheese, traditional Terina recipe with eggs and vegetables Cake with cream cheese and strawberries Fasting cake, with pineapple cake with strawberries and vanilla cream March (8) February (6) January (8) 2018 (100) December (8) November (7

Optionally, before coloring the eggs, you can wash them very carefully with a little detergent, so that the natural paint sticks better to the shell. After you have arranged the eggs, the beets and the vinegar, turn on the heat and when the water boils, reduce the flame and let the eggs cook for between 15 minutes and an hour, depending on the shades. Then, the next day, boil the water with the onion leaves (without eggs) until it turns a little red, then let it cool (it can be really cold, so as not to break the eggs when we put them in too hot water). . Put eggs to boil, as long as we think it is necessary. Using this method there is a risk of obtaining unevenly painted eggs. Another method of painting red eggs with beetroot is to obtain a solution: in a liter of water, put two beets. medium cut into pieces, 2 tablespoons of vinegar (white) and boil until you get a ruby ​​color (10-15 minutes). Then leave to cool. Let's paint Easter eggs with natural colors RED - red onion peels. PINK - red beets. ORANGE - yellow onion peels. YELLOW - turmeric. GREEN - spinach. BLUE - red cabbage. MOV - fresh / frozen blueberries. Quantities: 12 eggs

If you liked our recipe Salad of raw vegetables with beets and eggs, don't forget to review it. For successful culinary photos use the Nikon D3500. Other recipes. from Cold Salads. Alexandra's salad. Put the bacon slices on the grill, to make them a little crispy, then cut a slice into 2-3 pieces. A special tradition is found in Bucovina, where the red egg is seen as a defender of the devil, there is a belief that only when people stop making red eggs and go caroling, he will appear naturally painted Easter eggs - quantities yes ingredient. The measures are general, one by one. To a measure of ingredient add a cup of water. Here are the ingredients and quantities used to make naturally painted Easter eggs: a cup of pieces of red cabbage leaves - makes white eggs turn blue and brown ones

Painted red eggs for the Easter holiday. Put a few drops of sunflower oil on a clean cloth and wipe the eggs with a cloth to give them shine. Painted eggs can be smeared with bacon and then wiped with a clean white cloth. Painted eggs collide on Easter day, accompanied by wishes: Christ is risen - truly risen. INGREDIENTS: Boiled white eggs of strong consistency. 2 pieces of beets. 600 g red cabbage

Red - red beets, red onion leaves, raspberries or blackberries Blue - red cabbage or frozen blueberries Green - spinach Purple - grape juice Brown - coffee. Ingredient. 3 cups of vegetables / fruits / spices of your choice 3-4 tablespoons of spices 3 cups of water 2 cups of white vinegar. Preparation Eggs painted with onion peels, step by step method. Put the onion peels in a pot, add enough cold water to cover the peels. Water to fill about half of the vessel. The eggs are washed well with water and liquid detergent, then dried with absorbent paper towels. On Saturday morning I went shopping and in the afternoon I started cooking. I started with painted eggs, after a short prep talk with Andreiuta Taste Bazaar: I identified 8 eggs with the shell as white as possible and I boiled them for 10 minutes from the moment they boiled. I drained them and then left them to cool. How to paint Easter eggs with beets, turmeric and other natural colors? For people who do not want to paint Easter eggs with versatile sachets, here is how I can redden them in natural colors with the help of beets, blueberries, turmeric and other goodies. You need: 1

Recipe Eggs painted naturally (after their grandparents

  • Eggs painted with natural ingredients We managed to paint eggs in three colors using only. I'll tell you below how I made naturally painted eggs with blueberries and if you like to try them too. At the end, grease it with some lard. Remove the eggs, put them in a formwork and when they dry, grease them with oil or bacon, for a nice shine.
  • Naturally painted eggs (according to grandma's recipes) In the country, my grandmother God forgive her, she painted eggs in a unique and natural way. She used red onion leaves, white onion leaves and red beet slices. My mother continued the tradition, I have been following her for years and I hope with all my heart as a daughter.
  • Diced beets, diced eggs and diced tofu (replace tofu with your favorite cheese). When everything is ready we make the dressing: I put all the ingredients in a jar with a lid. I put the lid on and stirred well until they were homogeneous. Put the pepper and pieces of beetroot over the salad and pour half of the dressing
  • This year I want to try to paint eggs without chemicals. So far with any paint I tried, they came out ugly and with streaks of paint on the white. So I will try natural methods, especially because I want to give Mihaita to eat & gtCommunity events 7 dwarfs & gt Easter & gt Naturally painted eggs - Page 0
  • How do you make colors to get naturally painted eggs? I leave you with a dedicated article, written 2 years ago: The woman and the Easter holidays. Between laughter and crying, but it's a slice of reality. This year I paint eggs in turmeric and beets. Let's get ready for training! Reply. Alexa Stanescu / 24 Apr. 2019
  • Beetroot salad with vinegar, in a jar, for winter. We all know the benefits of beets for the body. So I don't insist on telling you how healthy beetroot is. I can only tell you that I always make smoothies and salads, I use sauerkraut, gogonele, soups and dishes. I rarely find raw red beets in Italy, so I bring it from Romania and we grind it like.
  • This time I chose these Eggs Painted in Onion Peels just because of the interesting pattern that is made during painting. Every Easter we paint eggs, some with dyes, others with onion peels, others with turmeric, red cabbage, beets and other methods. I have two methods that I use every time at Painted Eggs

Natural egg painting: how to color eggs with juice

  • Recipes for naturally painted Easter eggs, 100% healthy. If you want healthier Easter eggs, painted without chemicals, here are some recipes with which you can color Easter eggs 100% naturally, using only fruits, vegetables or spices
  • Pickled eggs with beets. spotted eggs Pickled eggs with beetroot are an ideal preparation for the cold season. It is good to make this preparation in advance, in order to have time to mature
  • Cook with Oana: How to paint Easter eggs with natural fruits / vegetables VIDEO. red beets Easter is coming and maybe you are thinking of painting eggs in a different way than the classic one with the commercial paint. I suggest you use white country eggs and color them with beets, red cabbage, red onion peels, blueberries, turmeric and spinach / nettles
  • Naturally painted Easter eggs. Some tips before dyeing Easter eggs: Degrease eggs well with vinegar before dyeing Choose eggs with white skin to get a more intense color after dyeing. How to get red eggs naturally. To obtain the red color we will use half a large red beet or a smaller red beet
  • ute in the respective water. Carefully remove them with a wooden spoon and place them on a newspaper tray. Let it dry a little.
  • I only painted about 6 eggs, so as not to spoil more in case my experiment didn't work out. The idea of ​​how I could dye eggs naturally I found HERE, and the secret of the intense blue color I got is the cabbage not blue but red. If you like to play with colors, here are some other ways to paint eggs.
  • Hummus with beetroot and tahini sesame paste is an absolutely delicious variant of the well-known Lebanese hummus. Beetroot gives it a cool, slightly sweet taste, perfect in combination with slices of toasted rustic bread or sticks. Although I don't particularly like beets, in this hummus recipe it's a dream! Another hummus I am.

- 2 boiled eggs - bread croutons. Preparation: The man learns while he lives. Ever since I know myself, I put beets in soup or make salad from it together with horseradish (it works without horseradish). Sometimes I make beet juice combined with other vegetables. The other day, I was invited by some co-workers to eat beetroot salad with onions. What the. Eggs stuffed with beets. Vine leaf and lime for winter in pet (frozen or salted As balance is the key to everything, I recommend a mix of shells, with a higher share of red ones. Eggs painted with onion peels - How to prepare eggs. We will choose eggs with the shell as white as possible, so the color will catch as beautiful as possible. Of course, we can also use dark-colored eggs if that's the only way to do it. After the water has colored, remove the beets, add 2 tablespoons of white vinegar and put the eggs. Finally, grease the eggs with oil to make them shiny. • Onion peels - boil the peels of one kilogram of red onion and add the eggs for 30-60 minutes. The more shells you use, the more intense it will be. 27+ beetroot recipes: These are the recipes that everyone is looking for: beetroot chop in flavored crust, sous vide cooking, beetroot millefeuille and goat cheese, black garlic and light thyme foam, roll of vegetables, beetroot pancakes, suba salad, beetroot cream soup

How to paint eggs with onion peels - red Easter eggs

For brick eggs - red onion peels. Proceed in the same way as for those painted with beets, but use the peels of a few red onions. Red cabbage - for blue eggs. Boil in a large saucepan cut red cabbage into small pieces and water for 20-30 minutes Recipe for beetroot salad with scrambled eggs, prepared with sour cream, lemon. Add the beets and fennel and cook briefly. Cut the beets into large pieces. Drink based on fermented milk and fruit puree, beetroot and chia seeds, 1. Boil peeled beets and cut into cubes Eggs painted with onion peels, old recipe and much healthier. That's how my grandmother used to paint eggs for the Easter holidays. I took an example from her and started collecting yellow onion peels and red onions a month before Easter. It is a painting technique that I like very much, without chemicals and easy to make

recipe with hard-boiled eggs with beetroot from: beets, water, apple cider vinegar, sugar, cloves, cinnamon, salt, boiled eggs. Ingredients: 6 beets, cleaned 8 - beets Do not use metal containers, as it may react with the paint. Try using glass or plastic. I put 2 eggs in each tea bowl, and left them there overnight. For the first few hours, I turned the eggs occasionally to make sure they were evenly painted. Beetroot is good to grate. For a more intense shade, leave the eggs overnight in colored water. Another method of fixing the pigment is to use sugar. You can get unique colored eggs, rolling them in fine sugar, moistened with beetroot juice, turmeric water, coffee, etc. Happy Easter


Sweets & Canned # Eggs # Beets # Canned # Beets # Pickled # Pickled Eggs Pickled Eggs with Beetroot Pickled Eggs with Beetroot Pickled Eggs with Beetroot is an ideal preparation for the cold season. It is good to make this preparation in advance, in order to have time to mature. Easter eggs painted naturally from: red onion peels, coffee, beetroot, eggs, water and vinegar. Ingredients: shells from 1 kg red onion 5 -6 tablespoons coffee 1 beetroot eggs water 3 tablespoons vinegar. Preparation: You can paint the Easter eggs in different shades of red, using red onion peels. Peel the beets, boil them with 500 ml of water, a little salt and let them boil until soft. Boil the eggs for 10 minutes and then peel them. Put the pieces of beetroot in a jar, then pour over them 1 cup of hot beetroot juice, 1/2 cup of vinegar and 1/2 cup of sugar. Then add salt, bay How to make naturally painted red eggs. 100% natural, healthy and fast method. Easter is approaching and red eggs should not be missing from the table during this period. You can prepare them with commercial paint, but this is toxic, and if the eggshell breaks during boiling and the eggs are painted. Like Easter, drob, cozonac and lamb, eggs must be present on the Easter table, but in the form of painted eggs, which in ancient times represented the rebirth of life. Today, housewives have two possibilities to paint eggs, either naturally or with the help of egg paint sachets

How to paint eggs naturally with onion and beet peels

In the jar with onion Red add beet, cardamom and peppercorns. Eggs Painted with onion peels. next post. Negro with coconut flour, peanut butter and raspberries. You may also like. Plum compote August 31, 2010. Spicy breadcrumbs and green sugar to have on hand February 2, 2015 These pickled eggs are perfect for sandwiches, salads, etc. Ingredients: 1 large beet, cleaned and sliced ​​500 ml water 250 g vinegar 1 onion 50 g sugar 3 teaspoons cumin 12 hard boiled eggs. Preparation: Boil the beets in water, cover the pot and let it boil for 40 minutes. Natural painted eggs: the brown ones are painted with red / yellow onion leaves and the pink / red ones are painted with red beets. red onions use red onion leaves that I bake a little in the oven, leave them to soak in evening water and then boil the combination for an hour Naturally painted eggs - a failure in the kitchen. Many of us have had failed experiments in the kitchen, right? I am now starting a series of posts related to culinary mistakes in the kitchen. The first one posted, not the first one made, is the one with naturally painted eggs.

EASTER RECIPES: How to paint Easter eggs naturally, without

-eggs-egg paint-vinegar-oil First wash each egg well with warm water and dishwashing detergent, then rinse them well. Put the eggs in a large pot with plenty of cold water, add a pinch of salt and let them boil over low heat. Eggs should be well covered with water and not too crowded At Easter, there are many painted eggs unknowing or uneaten, so it would be preferable to have naturally painted eggs with turmeric and red onion leaves, for the cow 2 tablespoons of sour cream 1 small red beets (exactly for coloring salt and pepper to taste Red beets peel and leave to cool Eggs peeled ..

All About Eggs. Everything About Legumes Beetroot Cream Soup with Orange is also. Read more. Beet Salad with Oranges and Yogurt Recipes for a Lifetime-Apr 15, 2015 0. Beet salad with oranges is a very tasty, flavorful and good-looking salad. It would seem that salt does not match orange but it is. Beetroot with eggs Beetroot with eggs. Tip: Snacks. Time: 120 minutes. Сложность: Simple. Portions: 4. Vegetarian. Gustari. Vegetables. Thus ended the season of fresh tomatoes and cucumbers. The body, as if in itself, should diversify its ration with autumn salads with boiled vegetables. And the first violin. At Easter, there are many painted eggs left uneaten or uneaten, so if you don't know what else. It would be preferable to have naturally painted eggs, with turmeric and red onion leaves, in order not to get mottled eggs. Nothing, how other than natural :) Ingredients: 4 boiled and peeled eggs 2 tablespoons sour cream 1 small beetroot .. Naturally painted eggs - if you do not want to buy paint, you can use natural products such as leaves and vegetables to paint eggs. warm and with soap. After they are well washed, they are boiled in water with a little salt and a few tablespoons of vinegar. Use beets or apple peel for red, walnut leaves for green, or blackberries. LE. 2015: eggs painted with onion peels and decorated with leaves. Posted by sakura at 11:13 PM. With the red beet, you should know that it was not the reds that came out, but the brown ones. When boiled, red beets turn brown. Answer Delete. Answers. Answer. coco 3 mai 2013, 10:52. 2 hardworking girls :) Reply Delete Then I saw some recipes for boiled eggs, painted with beets and then stuffed. They looked very chic and I said I do them too, considering that it is a party for children and they will surely be delighted by the red eggs.

Naturally painted Easter eggs, the secret of vivid colors

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Sfintele Sarbatori de Paste vin sa ne aminteasca credinta crestina. In aceste zile cred ca este ocazia potrivita sa ne apropiem de natura si sa o folosim in arta de a vopsi natural ouale de Paste, ca si stramosii nostrii.

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A doua zi de Paște se spune că trebuie să ciocnim ouăle doar la capetele mai rotunde. Iar în zilele următoare se pot ciocni ouăle la oricare din capete.

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Cum sa vopsesti ouale de Paste cu ingrediente 100% naturale!

Tot ce trebuie sa faci este sa pui apa la fiert, iar cand da in clocot adauga ingredientele naturale in functie de culoarea/culorile pe care doresti sa le obtii, astfel:

Oua rosii – sfecla rosie

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Oua galbene – turmeric

Oua albastre – varza rosie

Oua verzi – frunza de ceapa rosie

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Curcubeul Vietii – Puterea Curcubeul alimentelor

Lasa-te surprinsa de cel mai spectaculos curcubeu al naturii, cel care iti va aduce viata indelungata si fata de boala, CURCUBEUL ALIMENTELOR! Descoperiri uimitoare din partea oamenilor de stiinta tin sa ne aduca la cunostinta beneficiile extraordinare ale fructelor si legumelor pigmentate intens, dar nu numai.

Rosu tipator, oranj stralucitor, galben seducator, albastru intens, verde vibrant, violet dramatic… natura este posesoarea unor minunate nuante si culori. Fiecare culoare din natura este o poveste despre viata si creatia in sine. Mai agresiv sau mai potolit, natura o spune fiecarui doritor sa o asculte. Culorile fructelor si ale legumelor nu sunt deloc intamplatoare. Rosia nu este rosie intamplator. Morcovul nu este portocaliu prin pura intamplare. Strugurii nu sunt nici ei albastri fara o coincidenta mult prea extraordinara. Salata verde nu este de un verde profund fara un motiv pe masura. Fructele si legumele isi datoreaza culoarea lor stralucitoare pigmentilor pe care ii gazduiesc in mod natural. Pigmentul lor naste un adevarat miracol pentru sanatate, recomandandu-le drept remedii antiimbatranire si pentru viata lunga, fara de boli.

Descoperiri uimitoare din partea oamenilor de stiinta tin sa ne aduca la cunostinta beneficiile extraordinare ale fructelor si legumelor pigmentate intens, dar nu numai. Culoarea unui fruct/ a unei anumite legume poate fi un indiciu pretios asupra beneficiilor fructului/ legumei respective. Fiecare grup de culoare este asociat cu anumite beneficii remarcabile.

Pentru noi toti, cei care am ignorat, desconsiderat sau minimalizat puterea extraordinara a fructelor si legumelor, va invitam sa ne uitam mai cu atentie in farfuria noastra. Va invitam sa vedem ce minunatii avem chiar sub ochii, nasul si papilele noastre, sa le redescoperim savoarea, sa intelegem miracolul culorilor si sa includem cat mai multe curcubeie in dieta noastra. Cu cat mai multe legume si fructe intr-o paleta cromatica cat mai diversificata, cu atat mai bine. Cu atat mai multe vitamine si minerale, cu atat mai multi nutrienti, cu atat mai multa sanatate!

Puterea ROSULUI. Legumele si fructele rosii

Rosul se gaseste in ceapa rosie, in ardeiul rosu, in ridiche, in pepene rosu, in grapefrut-ul rosu, in capsuni, zmeura, rodie, struguri rosii, coacaze rosii, mere rosii, fructe de goji, sfecla rosie, macese, gogosar, ardeiul rosu iute.

Licopenul care se gaseste in surse precum rosii (in rosii regasim aproximativ 85 % din aportul de licopen), ardeiul gras, pepenele rosu este un carotenoid despre a carei existenta a fost adusa in discutie in anii ’90. O dieta bogata in alimente rosii si prin urmare si in licopen poate reduce semnificativ riscul aparitiei cancerului de prostata, cu pana la 35%.

Tot licopenul are un rol semnificativ in reducerea aparitiei bolilor de inima, dar si a cancerului pancreatic si a cancerului ovarian. In plus, pe langa licopen, in legumele si fructele rosii se gaseseste si antocianina, un alt fitonutrient cunoscut pentru capacitatea sa de a reduce celulele canceroase, dar si de reciclare a glutationului.

La randul sau, glutationul sau “proteina vietii”, cum a fost supranumit, este unul dintre cei mai puternic antioxidanti produsi de organism, cu rol si in eliminarea toxinelor. Atat licopenul, cat si antocianina sunt grozave pentru sanatatea inimii si pentru cea a tractului urinar. Ele protejeaza si capacitatea memoriei.
Intr-un studiu efectuat in California asupra a 13000 de femei, s-a putut vedea puterea extraordinara a rosului mai ales asupra sanatatii femeilor. Consumarea a unei jumatati de ceasca de rosii pe zi de cinci ori sau chiar de mai multe ori pe saptamana poate reduce riscul cancerului ovarian cu pana la 60%.

Puterea GALBENULUI. Legumele si fructele galbene

Gasim galbenul in alimente precum ananas, citrice, porumb, rosii galbene, mere galbene, pomelo, grepfrutul galben, papaya, ardei galben etc.

Ananasul spre exemplu contine bromelaina, o enzima care contribuie la buna functionare a digestiei. Citricele in schimb sunt o sursa bogata de limonoizi cu rol activ in scaderea colesterolului. Totodata, ele pot sa inhibe formarea tumorilor canceroase, protejand prin urmare impotriva cancerului la san, impotriva cancerului pielii, a celui esofagian sau impotriva cancerului la stomac. In plus, nu mai este niciun secret ca vitamina C si acidul folic care se gasesc in citrice au un efect miraculos in intarirea sistemului imunitar si in reducerea efectelor negative ale radicalilor liberi.

Pe de alta parte, un alt aliment galben, porumbul, reprezinta o sursa semnificativa de luteina si zeaxantina ce protejeaza retina. Aceste doua substante remarcabile, luteina si zeaxantina, reduc riscul aparitiei cataractei si a degenerarii maculare cauzate de inaintarea in varsta. Sa mai mentionam oare ca degenerarea maculara este cauza numarul 1 in lume a orbirii la persoanele in varsta? Alimentele galbene sunt bogate in fitonutienti si flavonoizi cu rol detoxifiant si de blocare a celulelor tumorale. “Sa adaugam aceste fructe si legume galbene in dieta noastra cel putin o data pe zi”, ne sfatuieste dr. Oz.

Puterea ORANJULUI. Legumele si fructele oranj

Portocaliul, una dintre cele mai spectaculoase culori ale spectrului curcubeului, se gaseste din abundenta in alimente precum morcovi, mango, piersici, nectarine, dovleac, cartofi dulci, sofran, mandarine, portocale, cartofi dulci, bostanel, pepene galben.

Cel responsabil pentru minunata culoare oranj nu este altul decat betacarotenul, un terpenoid transformat de organism in vitamina A. Vitamina A are mai multe roluri in organism, ajutand la buna functionare a celulelor albe ale sangelui si la normalizarea cresterii si divizarii celulelor. Aceasta vitamina, alaturi de alte doua tipuri de carotenoide, luteina si zeaxantina, este totodata esentiala pentru intarirea sistemului imunitar si a mentinerii calitatii vederii.

Consumarea de alimente portocalii in mod regulat poate atrage dupa sine scaderea colestorului si reducerea riscului atacului cerebral si a celui de cord. Mai mult, sunt studii care demonstreaza ca betacarotenul responsabil pentru acest pigment portocaliu are un efect anticarcinogen si poate stopa dezvoltarea celulelor cancerigene la nivelul stomacului. Portocaliul din morcovi si din cartofii dulci ajuta la prevenirea bolilor de inima scazand colesterolul si ajutand la reducerea riscului atacului cerebral. Acidul cafeic pe care il regasim tot in morcov are si el proprietati anticancerigene.

“Sa consumam aceste alimente oranj de cel putin doua ori pe saptamana”, este sfatul pe care ni-l daruieste cu multa convingere dr. Oz.

Puterea VERDELUI. Legumele si fructele verzi

Gasim verdele in merele verzi, in struguri, in kiwi, avocado, alune pistachio, broccoli, spanac, bame, zucchini, salata verde, sparanghel, frunze de telina, mazare, castraveti, andive, varza, varza de Bruxelles, ardei gras verde, mazare, fasole pastai, varza kale, patrunjel, spanac, praz, rucola, stevie, varza bok choy etc.

Clorofila continuta de plantele verzi contribuie la scaderea riscului aparitiei cancerului de ficat conform ultimelor cercetari. In plus, apigenina si luteolinul, o pereche de flavonoide ce se gasesc in alimentele verzi, au proprietati neuroprotective ce combat boala Alzheimer.

Alimentele de culoare verde inchis contin potasiu, fibre, acid folic, vitamina A, vitamina E, vitamina C, carotenoizi, acizi grasi omega 3. Luteina si triptofanul contine de alimentele verzi ajuta la intarirea oaselor si a dintilor, la mentinerea unei vederi bune si la instalarea degenerarii maculare si apara impotriva anumitor forme de cancer (cancer la stomac, cancer al sanilor si ovarian, cancer colorectal si al cancerului la plamani). Spanacul este bogat in luteina, iar broccoli contine o serie de compusi ce previn instalarea celulelor canceroase, protejand in acelasi timp si inima.

Aceste legume verzi sunt bogate in glucosinolati, un compus care protejeaza impotriva dezvoltariii cancerului. Sunt totodata bogate in vitamina K de care ai nevoie ca sa previi diabetul, reducand totodata riscul cancerului pancreatic. Mananca aceste alimente de cel putin doua ori pe zi pentru a reduce riscul cancerului”, se arata pe .

Puterea ALBASTRULUI / VIOLETULUI. Legumele si fructele albastre/ violete

“Prin distrugerea radicalilor liberi, antocianinii au fost asociati cu incetinirea dezvoltarii cancerului”, este de parere Maricel Reddy, un nutritionist reputat din Edmonton. Strugurii concord au in compozitia lor 31 de tipuri diferite de antociani. Afinele si coacazele negre sunt excelente pentru creier, sustin sus si tare oamenii de stiinta. Consumul lor regulat contribuie la sanatatea celulelor creierului si imbunatatirea functiile creierului. Ele ne pot ajuta sa luptam impotriva imbatranirii si a semnelor ei.

Strugurii, afinele, coacazele, vinetele, gratie continutului de antocianin pot reduce riscul aparitiei cancerului, a atacului cerebral si a bolilor de inima. Resveratrolul, un antioxidant minune care se gaseste in struguri amelioreaza cu pana la 30% circulatia sanguina la nivelul creierului.

Albastrul si violetul se gasesc in fructe si legume percum struguri, afine, mure, prune, stafide, struguri, vanata, coacaze, varza rosie.

Aceste alimente de culoare mai inchisa sunt bogate in antociani, antioxidanti puternici care contribuie la sanatatea inimii si la mentinerea unei bune tensiuni arteriale. Unele din aceste alimente continand aceste fitochimicale au o nuanta mai mult spre rosu, insa cu cat este mai inchisa nuanta de albastru, cu atat mai mare este concentratia fitochimicalelor.

Puterea CULORILOR NEUTRE. Fructele si legumele colorate neutru

Alimentele in culori neutre precum para, ridiche alba, banana, curmale, muguri de pin, fasole boabe, ciuperci, usturoi, praz, arpagic, conopida, cartofi albi, pastarnac, hasma (esalot), ghimbir, sunt si ele excelente pentru sanatate.

Chiar daca sunt lipsite de culoarea intensa a altor alimente ale naturii (unele fitochimicale sunt lipsite de culoare), au o gramada de alte lucruri minunate pe care nu le putem vedea. Au vitamine, minerale, fibre, alicina, polifenoli (au un efect anticancerigen), antoxantine. Antoxantinele din alimentele albe sau cele in culori neutru au un rol demn de mentionat in scaderea colesterolului si a presiunii arteriale. Ceapa, spre exemplu, este bogata in chercetina, un antioxidant flavonoid, cu proprietati antiinflamatorii si cu beneficii incontestabile asupra sistemului cardiovascular si circulator.

Ciupercile au un continut ridicat de vitamina D, asociata cu un risc scazut de cancer ovarian. Alicina, un fitochimical gasit mai ales in familia leguminoaselor Allium (usturoi, ceapa, praz) este pusa in legatura cu un risc scazut al cancerului de stomac. Tot alicina, un component activ si in compozitia usturoiului, are un puternic efect antibiotic, antioxidant si antimicrobian. Ea are si proprietati anticoagulante si se elibereaza cand usturoiul este zdrobit.

“Inainte de a gati usturoiul, pentru a te bucura la maximum de beneficiile sale, asteapta 10 minute de cand l-ai strivit pentru a permite alicinei sa se formeze.”, ne sfatuieste dr. Oz . Sa includem aceste alimente colorate neutru in dieta noastra “cel putin o data pe zi”.
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